Farmers who grow soy, oats, wheat, barley, and corn (the country’s primary feed grain) rely heavily on roller mills for processing their grain. A roller mill’s capacity to grind large volumes of various materials makes it ideal for producing high-quality feed for staples of the American dietbeef, poultry, and pork. Additionally, flours produced by roller mills are essential for many other foods Americans regularly consume, such as bread, pasta, and cereal. 

For such important work, all aspects of particle size reduction equipment must be considered to maximize productivity and quality in your grain processing. A well-planned, well-built grain handling system will save you time and money by increasing the efficiency and output of your grain roller mill or feed mill operation. 

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A graphic showing some of the standard RMS Roller Mill features


Blue RMS single pair mill

Single Pair Mill

RMS’s Single Pair Mills are ideal for applications where a coarse grind consistency is required. Typical micron targets for a single pair mill range from 3,000 to 1,200 microns. These mills are diverse enough to handle any coarse grind applications. 

Blue RMS Double Pair Mill

Double Pair Mill

RMS’s Double Pair Mills are ideal when targeting a micron size of 700 or greater! The double pair mill can process many different types of materials and will consistently achieve your desired particle size.

Blue RMS Triple Pair Mill

Triple Pair Mill

RMS’s Triple Pair Mills can be used to grind many different products with many different grind profiles from ‘crack’ (4-5 pieces) down to 500 microns. If your application requires multiple grind profiles from a single machine, a triple pair mill may be exactly what you need!

Blue RMS Quad Pair

Quad Pair Mill

RMS’s Quad Pair Mills are great for applications where you are looking for finely-ground products. These machines are capable of continuously hitting 375 microns all day long. 

Blue RMS Versamill


The VersaMill® is a direct drive roller mill grinder that can give customers greater control over the particle size by enabling them to manipulate both the roll speed and roll differentials.This machine offers significant energy savings.


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services quality roller mills and accessories for our customers’ unique applications. Whether you are looking for a general dry grinder or a specific corn roller mill, we will partner with you to deploy not only a top-quality machine, but the best solution for your specific needs. We will ensure you receive the best and most reliable products and support. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove the troubles and frustration from your milling and grain handling systems.

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