Are you looking for soybean cracking mills, soybean crushers, or other equipment to support your soybean processing? Having the right system to meet your goals is essential to a productive business and a dependable, quality product. With RMS, you have a partner to support your soybean milling processes with systems tailored to your unique needs. Let our experienced team and industry-leading equipment help your company grow just as the soybean industry is growing!

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Crackers are ideal for dehulling soybeans and cracking them into 4-6 pieces while minimizing the number of fine particles. Our Double Pair Crackers consistent crush profile improves oil efficiencies and plant operations.

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Used for applications that require a wide array of grind specifications and ultimate control, the VersaMill® is the latest technology from RMS. Ideal for all your oil seed application needs, VersaMill® allows you to manipulate the roll speed and differentials for improved grind characteristics.

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RMS Roller-Grinder provides innovative accessories to help increase machine uptime and protect your investment. RMS offers accessories from roller mill controls to automatic maintenance systems. This includes scalpers, feedrolls, automatic magnet systems, bearing monitoring systems, automatic greasing systems, and more.

Expert Service & Support

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Replacement Parts

RMS uses and stocks the best OEM parts available to keep our customers’ machines up and running for optimal processing of soybeans.

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Endurance Roll Program

This is a comprehensive service program to help customers increase uptime, decrease cost, and ensure their team understands best practices for operating and maintaining their roller mill.

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Roll Exchange

RMS has a full team of experienced service technicians that will come to your location with sharp rolls and replacement parts to complete the job.

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Roll Sharpening

Sharpening and quality checks are built into every stage of the process. Sharpening services include Ship & Sharpens and Same-Day Sharpening.

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Testing and Consulting

RMS has a Test Lab for unique applications to verify a roller mill will meet your needs. Additional services and consulting are offered for Particle Size Analysis (PSA), Roll Life Analysis, and on-site consulting.

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Roller Mill Training

RMS offers initial and continued training and development with various roller mill equipment to ensure proper operations and success.

Overview of Soybean Milling

Piles of dried soybeans.Soybean milling is the process of taking whole soybeans and processing them into a usable product: soybean meal. Processing soybeans typically involves de-hulling soybeans and then crushing or cracking them so they can be used for a wide range of applications.

Although soybean milling is a common practice, not every milling method is optimal. Many companies in the soybean processing industry struggle to meet demand while reducing waste and producing the best possible product.

Types of Soybean Processing

There are a few types of soybean processing. The two primary aspects of soybean processing include removing the hull and extracting protein from the inside of the bean. The protein can then be used to make a wide range of soy products and agricultural feeds for various industries.

Processing soybeans can include crushing, milling, or de-hulling. Crushing soybeans is typically used to produce oil, while milling is used to make soybean meal as a protein source. Dehulling soybeans is necessary for the processing of soybeans in any form, and is needed to create a consistent particle size during the milling process.

Soybean Milling Challenges

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The process of milling soybeans isn’t without its challenges. Some of the most common challenges the soybean processing industry faces include:

Soybean processing equipment from RMS Roller-Grinder helps manufacturers overcome these and other challenges in their soybean milling process for a fully optimized, efficient processing method.

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No matter what aspects of soybean processing you’ve found the most challenging, RMS Roller-Grinder is here to make your soybean milling processes simple, effective, and fast with our expert support and innovative equipment. There’s a reason soybean plants trust us for their machinery. Contact us today to discover more about our machinery and how it can help your soybean processing plant meet demand with a high-quality product.