A front view of an RMS Single Pair Crumbler

12×52 Single Pair Crumbler

Get a Reliable RMS Pellet Crumbler to Optimize Your Application!

An RMS crumbler is ideal for resizing pelleted material while minimizing fine particles. Our crumblers are frequently used in poultry, swine, aquaculture, and other mineral applications. RMS’s crumblers are built robustly and come standard with RMS’s longer-lasting Endurance Rolls and bearings. If you have questions about incorporating a crumbler in your operation, our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you find the perfect machine for your application.

Pellet Crumbler –
Size and Capacity

SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×368-12(1) 15HP
12×3012-16(1) 15HP
12×3616-20(1) 20HP
12×5225-30(1) 30HP
12×7235-40(1) 40HP

A Convenient Crumbler for Your Application

Feed pellets are an excellent way to nourish farm animals. Cattle, sheep, poultry, and fish can all benefit from the condensed nutrients pelleted feed provides. By combining a variety of nutrients into one feed source, farmers can reduce the number of different feedstuffs they have to manage every feeding time, cut back on the dustiness that can occur around the animals, and simplify their overall grain handling operation. 

However, not all pellets are suitable for all animals. That’s why a pellet crumbler machine can be useful when refining feed material for your specific application. At RMS, we want to help you optimize your operation with as little friction as possible. Our aim is to minimize many common frustrations associated with technology and complex machinery. 

Whatever your need, get the most out of your pellet crumbler. Call RMS today at (605) 368-9007. 

Pellets Address Several Problems in Agriculture

Better Work Environments for Farmers

Pellets are not just good for the animals, they are good for the farmers. As one report notes, “Numerous studies have reported constituents and distribution of air pollutants in and around animal production facilities, with particular emphasis on feed particles.” This report also says that the farmers who work in these environments with high dust levels have an increased risk of developing respiratory diseases. Although pellets can’t eliminate feed particle dust entirely, they can play a part in reducing the amount of feed dust in a farm animal production facility.

Production of combined pelleted animal feed from organic ingredients.
Pig looking at pelleted feed in a farmer’s hand

Time and Waste Reduction

From a time perspective, pellets can help keep things moving on your feed line due to their shape and size. The pellets’ design allows them to flow more quickly and consistently from feed bins and automatic feeders. Powdery or inconsistently shaped material can get clumped up in storage bins, which requires extra effort to extract.

Once the pellets are in the feed troughs, animals can consume and digest them and receive the nutrient profile intended. Textured feeds can separate while they are being dispensed, which can negate the nutrient profile that was originally calculated. Even if the mixed nutrients stay together during distribution, some animals (including pigs and chickens) will “sort” ingredients in textured feeds. There is a potential for waste from feed not eaten, but feeding animals appropriately sized pelleted food can help eliminate this problem.


Different animals require different kinds of food at different stages in their development. Based on the livestock you have and how old they are, you will need different nutrients and different sizes of pellets. The RMS crumbler is a solid machine that runs smoothly and evenly to give you continuously even crumbs. Our crumbler roller can help you achieve the optimal size material to help you meet the nutrition demands of the different animals in their different growth periods. 

The RMS pellet crumbler is also not a large machine. Its small footprint and superb design ensure high efficiency and consistent crumbling, which saves on operating costs to meet the varying demands of our customers.

Dairy cows in a farm being fed with pellets.


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services the best roller mills and roller mill accessories for our customer’s unique applications. If you are currently in the market for a good pellet crumbler machine, we will partner with you to deploy the best solution for your needs. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove the troubles and frustration from your application.

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