After filtered water, malt is unquestionably the second most essential ingredient in crafting an optimal brew. However, locking in an impeccable grist profile requires much more effort than simply fiddling with the roll gap and starting your grain crusher. You must consider all aspects of your malt handling equipment to get the most out of your brewery or distillery. A well-planned, well-built grain handling system will save you time and money by increasing the efficiency and output of your grain mill brewing operation. 

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A front view of the RMS MircroMill


The MicroMill Grinder is the most capable small-frame brewery mill on the market. Like all grain mills from RMS, the MicroMill is made in the USA with premium parts and is built to the highest standards possible. See for yourself what your beer and your brewing systems are truly capable of by using the best malt handling equipment for your brewery.

A front view of the RMS 2 Roll Mill

2 Roll Mill

When you’re in the market for the highest quality grain handling equipment (especially for producing Craft Breweries), look no further than the RMS 2-Roll Mills. Multiple sizes and custom configurations are available in this quiet, capable system. Premium parts are used to assemble this unrivaled grinding machine, producing exceptional crush quality. 

*Multiple roll size configurations available

A front view of the RMS 4 Roll Mill

4 Roll Mill

The RMS 4-Roll Mill uses four rolls to reduce material to smaller particle sizes. If you’re brewing high volumes of beer (or anticipate you will), then the 4-Roll Mill is ideal for your operation. The RMS 4-Roll Mill provides more control to crush grains to finer degrees by passing the material through two sets of rolls, which helps increase the surface area exposed during mashing. 

*Multiple roll size configurations available

Quad Pair Mill - Distilling

This outstanding machine can grind down to 375 microns (a flour-like consistency)!  RMS Quad Pair Roller Mills are available in small and large-scale grinding capacities. This machine delivers higher mash efficiency, which translates into less grain used per batch. While the initial investment into a Quad Pair Mill might be higher than some other grinding methods, over time you can recoup that investment through the greater efficiency and energy saving from this first-rate grinding machine.

A front view of the RMS Triple Pair Mill - Distilling Machine.

Triple Pair Mill - Distilling

The RMS Triple Pair Mills are designed for special applications requiring a finer ground product or more types of materials to be processed through the same machine. This heavy-duty machine can run various product sizes ranging from 500 to 3,000 micron, and is ideal for when higher grinding capacities are needed. This one machine can serve not only as a two-pair high grinder, but also as a single-pair cracking and crimping mill.


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services quality grain mill brewing equipment and accessories for our customers’ unique applications. We partner with you to deploy not only the highest quality machines, but an appropriate solution for your needs. We will ensure you receive the best and most reliable products and support. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove the troubles and frustration from your milling and grain handling systems.

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