We love seeing our partners flourish. For that to happen, we understand all aspects of the business (including your grain storage options) must be considered to maximize productivity and quality in any brewing or distilling operation. We believe you don’t need to scramble to ensure your equipment keeps running smoothly. We will help you assemble a well-planned, well-built grain handling system. By partnering with RMS, you can save time and money by increasing the efficiency and output of your brewing or distilling operation. 

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A front view of three, black RMS standard/general silos.

Bulk Silo

You can add the benefit of buying grain in bulk and take advantage of efficiencies of scale with a bulk silo. They offer the lowest price per pound of grain storage, and can provide a convenient and long-lasting supply of grain. They’re also a safe alternative to manually loading large quantities of grain. You can also improve labor efficiency by having a high volume of accessible material. 

A front view of RMS Bulk Bag Racks.

Bulk Bag Rack

A convenient way to take bulk delivery of your grain, a Bulk Bag Rack is an economical solution when you have less space or capacity requirements that can’t justify a bulk silo. Multiple loading options are available and multiple Bulk Bag Racks can be used in tandem to load base or specialty grains. Configure your Bulk Bag Racks with load cells and automation for simple weighing and processing.

A front view of an RMS Poly Grist Case.

Poly Grist Case

The RMS Poly Grist Case is designed to ensure a high-quality end product and make your brewing process more efficient. Our Poly Grist Cases are an effective way to store large amounts of grain in a small footprint. Their unique specifications make them an economical alternative to Steel Grist Cases.

A front view of an RMS Steel Grist Case.

Steel Grist Case

Proper storage of grain will ensure high-quality end products and an efficient brewing process. The RMS Steel Grist Case is an attractive and effective way to store large amounts of grain in a small footprint and continue your brewing process uninterrupted.


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services quality brewery grain storage equipment and accessories for our customers’ unique applications. Whether you are looking for a simple bulk bag rack or a hefty brewery grain silo, we will partner with you to deploy not only a top-quality machine, but the best solution for your specific needs. We will ensure you receive the best and most reliable products and support. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove the troubles and frustration from your brewery and grain storage systems.

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