Keep Equipment Running Smoothly with RMS Roller Mill Parts

A roller mill is only as good as its parts. No one wants their production to stop because of worn or broken parts. RMS equipment is built to stand the test of time, but there are some parts of a roller mill that can be considered high-wear parts, and those will need to be replaced during the life of the machine. 

At RMS, we use and stock the best roller mill spare parts available to keep our customers’ machines up and running. We work with our customers to help them maintain their equipment and extend the life of the machine’s parts.

The Critical Components

Regardless of which style of roller mill you have, there are four critical parts that you need to monitor for condition: motors, bearings, belts, and rollers. Keep reading to learn more about the maintenance and replacement of all three.

Greased bearings ready to go on a roller mill.

Roller Mill Parts: Bearings

Greasing bearings on your roller mill needs to be a standard practice. It’s important, especially since you’re dealing with a lot of dust and contaminants in the air. It’s true that bearings that have high grease levels run warmer, but contaminants make bearings run even hotter, and they experience more wear.

We make our equipment so the bearings can’t be over-greased. Excess grease will be purged through the seals on the bearings themselves. That leaking through the seals is a good way to protect against contaminants passing through the seals. Grease to purge the bearings as often as recommended by the manufacturer.

To check the heat your bearings are experiencing, we suggest you use an infrared thermometer, also known as a bearing temperature gun. This piece of equipment will allow you to check the temperature of the bearings at a distance. You’ll want to measure the temperature on a moving part.

Roller Mill Parts: Belts

Like all belts, your roller mill belts stretch over time, and need to be checked regularly for the right tension and alignment. This is especially important when your mill is new, or if you’ve just installed new belts.

The right tension will maximize the life of the belt. You want the belt tight enough so that it doesn’t slip, but over-tightening the belt could cause severe damage like a shaft or motor failure. Use a belt tension tester to make sure you’re working at the correct specs.

To prevent belt or motor failure, invest in a pulley alignment tool to test the alignment of the motor pulley and the roll pulleys. If the motor shaft and roll shafts aren’t parallel, the uneven motion will cause problems very quickly.

Belts are a very important part of your roller mill.
cut and corrugated rolls for a roller mill.

Roller Mill Parts: Rolls

Rolls are another one of those roller mill spare parts that you don’t want to neglect. Ensure that your rolls are fed uniformly. Also, rolls need to be parallel or you’ll increase the wear and tear they undergo. Eventually you’ll need to get your rolls re-cut or re-corrugated. While these actions do lessen your roll life, RMS uses specialized techniques to make sure your roll diameter is maintained. You can easily re-sharpen your rolls multiple times.

If you’re concerned about having the right corrugations, RMS can test your product to determine if you’re meeting your target parameters, and we can recommend the roll corrugations you need to meet your application’s requirements.

How RMS Can Help

RMS can help you get the most from your roller mill in a number of ways. We work with you to make sure you can maintain your equipment properly. Our videos on topics such as adjusting belt tension on your roller-grinder and resetting fine adjustments on your roller mill can help you maximize your roll productivity and lifespan.

The most popular service we offer is our Endurance Roll Program. Based on customer feedback, we developed this comprehensive roller mill maintenance and service program. It helps our customers increase their machine’s uptime, reduce the lifetime cost of the machine, and ensure that everyone who uses the machine understands the best practices for operating and maintaining it. You can join the program even if your machine is older, or if you own a qualified roller mill that wasn’t made by RMS. 

Simplify your life by requesting a quote for roller mill parts or any of the other products we offer, or to learn more about the Endurance Roll Program.

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