The Product Is the Passion: Call on Us

If you have a business today, you likely have a website. If you have a website, you likely have a products and services page. In the fast paced world of technology, every business is now required to get really clear on what they offer their customers if they want to stay alive. Because, typically, if you cannot tell your clients why they should choose you and what exactly they will be getting from you, your clients will not be your clients for long. They will find someone else to tell them a story they can believe in. 

But, what if your biggest problem is that your product is passion? 

Products and Services Are Not Enough

It’s true. We have found it across these greater United States. Farmers, store owners, brewers and distillers, and more. So many of our partners in business are genuinely passionate about the work they do. So that more than a simple product or service, they offer the beating heart of a true believer. So they are not just selling you beer, they sell you great beer. It is not just livestock, it is the best livestock this side of the Mississippi. More than just ag feed, it is the highest quality ag feed available. 

Products and services are simply not enough anymore. 

Our Power Lies in Our Passion

We sell our products on services, yes, of course. But we are only able to do that because of our passion for customer service, for meeting our clients where they are, and for our commitment to great design and execution. 

We share this reality with you, our client, today, as we enter the new year, because we know that this part of our stories is the same. We may have gotten to our businesses through different channels. Our bricks and mortar buildings may look wildly different. And our specific targeted audiences might even seem dramatically distinct. But we know how passionate you are about your business, about what you have to offer your clients. 

And we are here for it, here for you, and here to double down this year. 

We American small business owners have a tremendous amount of collective power when we stay true to our passions to serve in the best and highest way possible. 

What RMS Has to Offer

If you are unfamiliar with what RMS has to offer in terms of tangible resources, please take the time to visit our web page

If you are already working with us, and just want to reach out to share the story of your own passion, your own beginnings, and even how RMS has played a part in all of that, please reach out. We love to connect with our clients. 

And if you are ready to move forward with getting a new or used roller mill into your business, contact us today for a discovery session. We would love to meet you where you are, passion to passion. 

We Get It Done so You Don’t Have to

Anyone can build a machine. Okay, well maybe not anyone. But, if you’re in the business, even lightly, of equipment and machinery, once you learn the basics, you can put a machine together. And therein lies the trouble. The market of heavy equipment and machinery is virtually flooded with inferior machines – inferior for a variety of reasons. Maybe your roller mill is inefficient because it takes you extra time to set it up, run it, and service it up. Perhaps your equipment breaks down because it was built with low quality, cheap materials. It could even be that no machine will meet your needs, so you have to settle for less than what you want, a larger grind or a smaller output. And by this time, you might just think that it is what it is and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Do Not Settle

The biggest mistake you can make as a small business owner is to settle for less, to settle for what is cheap and seemingly easy, to settle, period. The construction equipment industry in the United States is sized at around 140 billion dollars. The grinding machine industry came  in at a much more modest 6 billion dollars last year, but that is still a lot. 6 billion dollars. Once an industry begins growing steadily, and with the rise of automated grinding machines, the industry will see a rapid increase in growth, many more businesses want in on the action. And many of those businesses do not have the clients’ interest at heart. 

Your job is to find the right partner – the one that really listens to your needs, that understands the importance of a user-friendly design and produce a high quality product. Do not settle until you do. The machine company that will sell you their version of snake oil is hoping you will settle. That you will want to save money, get equipment fast, and believe that there is no company out there working for you. But there is. 

RMS Builds Machines for People

RMS has been in this game for many years, hiring highly skilled engineers who know how to design for the people who will be running the machines. From easy access grease banks that allow you to grease your machine while it is running to fewer moving parts, which allows for less margin of error, our roller mills are designed and made with the end user, you, in mind. 

We have been in your shoes, excited to get our products and services in front of our clients, which means we have dealt with our fair share of businesses trying to make a quick buck off of our eagerness. We learned through our own experiences and through those of our clients who had been burned in the past before they found us, that you should not settle. 

The Client Comes First

RMS does all the heavy lifting on the design and construction end so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting at all. Look, starting and running a business is work enough without having machines make even more work for you. Machines are supposed to make your life easier! 

Our equipment is made with top quality, thick US Steel, and designed and built with American labor, as it should be. We put our clients first, so we make every member of our team a valued team member. People pay it forward by nature. We take care of them, so together, we can take care of you. 

And you in turn can take care of business. 

If you are in the market for a roller mill, new or used, that will help your business grow, do not settle. 

Contact RMS today for a discovery session. 

We’re Nothing Without Our Clients

It is the month of Christmas, of Hanukkah, of Kwanzaa, and so many other wonderful holidays across the country that celebrate the most important spirit in the world: love. From love flows everything we all work so hard for – heroism, patriotism, work ethic, service, generosity, charity, help, and more. RMS Roller Grinder is a company built on these ideals. It is what we get up and go to work every morning for – from the owner down to the newest hire. As such, we want to send out a message to all of our partners that we appreciate you. 

We’re Nothing Without Our Clients

While there are many businesses – indeed entire industries – run on creating a demand or a problem and then selling the solution, RMS is proud to have been founded on the idea that we can provide a solution to a real problem that already exists in the world. 

We looked around and noticed an absence of top quality, American made and serviced, roller mills available for our customers. And then we built this company from the ground up to meet that demand. 

From the very first client who put their trust in a little startup service company to the most recent feed mill that welcomed our equipment, we would not be here without you. You are everything to us. You keep our business well oiled like our machines, you keep our families fed, and you keep our engineers on the top of their game, fighting and innovating in a highly competitive market. It is all thanks to you that we are who we are, because we are working for you. 

All We Ask

In return for the services we provide, beyond the obvious monetary aspects involved, all RMS ever asks of its clients is loyalty and word of mouth commentary, and you have delivered that in spades. We have been enormously grateful over these past years to hear from you how happy you are with your equipment and with the over and above service we provide. We also love hearing from new clients who have been referred by you. It has truly been an honor. 

So as we close this year out, breaking bread with our loved ones and raising our glasses in toasts to our friends, we just wanted to say thank you one last time this year. Thank you for your business. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your glowing recommendations. 

We look forward to exceeding your expectations even more in the coming year. 

If you need assistance with your machines or are looking to invest in new or used roller mill equipment, call RMS today for a discovery session. 

We love to hear from you. 

Great Minds Think, and Work, Alike

One of the qualities we value most in our clients in the agriculture feed is the conscientiousness you bring to caring for your equipment. At RMS Roller Grinder, we design, build, and sell new equipment. We ensure our machines and all of their parts arrive to you in top quality condition. We also set up the equipment and train you to care for it. This last piece of the process is probably the most critical. Why? Because it relates to the lifetime endurance of your equipment. Your equipment stays like new for years and years because you care for it so well. We can only do so much. We show you what to do and how to do it to maintain high quality. But you follow through. We have heard back from our clients over the years, sometimes with questions, sometimes for assistance, but always to let us know your equipment is still in top order, as long as you keep it that way. Great minds think, and work, alike, and we partner with people who take pride in the quality of your equipment. 

This month, as we all gear up for more time with family, for the holidays, for the season of giving, RMS wants to give you, our treasured clients, a few tips for keeping your equipment in top quality shape. Many of you may already be following all of these maintenance protocols, while some may be new to this information. 

A Refresher in RMS Equipment: 

Clean Your Magnets

Cleaning your magnets is essential to keeping your equipment in excellent working order. They need to be kept clean in order to ensure your feed or any other product you are grinding stays consistent and so you eliminate any potential for damage from objects getting between the rolls. 

Cleaning your magnets correctly is essential because if you don’t, the potential for damage is great. All you really need to do is remove the magnet, clean it off, and replace it, and you’re done. Be sure to check with your RMS technician for our exact protocols. 

Parallel and Zero Your Rolls

Your rolls are a critical piece of the particle size puzzle. Properly paralleled and zeroed rolls will all but guarantee you get a more consistent grind and longer lasting roll life. In the milling process, especially if you are rolling and grinding a lot, the rolls will naturally begin to shift out of place. In the long term, if the rolls are not regularly paralleled and set back to zero, it will create inefficiencies. 

Your RMS Team Member would have trained you when your equipment arrived to parallel and zero your rolls. If for any reason you missed out on this training, or the original person trained on the equipment is no longer with your company and able to train others, contact RMS at your earliest convenience, and we will get you fully trained on the process to keep your machine up and running at maximum efficiency. 

Keep a Regular Greasing Schedule

All machinery should be greased regularly in order to keep it running smoothly. Remember that your equipment has many moving parts, all of which depend heavily on proper lubrication. RMS will establish a greasing schedule with you for your specific machine, and if you can get onto a daily lubrication schedule, even better. 

Think of your machine the way we think of our bodies. We need 8 glasses of water to keep everything running efficiently. Your equipment needs regular grease. 

Clean Grain Is Key

All of this regular maintenance for your equipment will provide you with a consistent grind in the end. And since our partners in brewing, distilling, ag feed, ethanol, and more, are all producing food grade grain for consumption – by animals or humans – your goal is to get the highest quality of grind possible, so you can offer a superior product. 

So you can count on return business and word of mouth advertisement from your customers. 

And then, we all win. 

If you need help getting your machines serviced or are looking for new or used equipment, contact RMS Roller Grinder today to schedule a discovery session. Great minds think, and work, alike. And we look forward to continuing to work with you.


The data is in and it is undeniable. You cannot run a business for decades, you cannot expect longevity, on a whim. Longevity demands a multipronged approach, and it is one RMS Roller Grinder aspires to. One of the primary qualities of companies that last and last for generations, with branding handed down from fathers to sons, mothers to daughters, and everything in between, is a commitment to a quality product and quality service. After two years of shutdowns and viruses, fear and divisiveness, arguments and communication breakdowns, RMS is ready to venture out into the real world with real people and get back to business. Because the truth is, so much of the bad stuff we have seen around us is a product of the internet and the media. We know, and we know you know, that the real people on the ground, out here everyday running businesses and working their tails off, are good people just looking to live good lives. Let’s get back to business. 

Longevity Means Showing Up

Facetime was a real thing long before Apple invented Facetime. Face time, showing up to see people, shaking hands, sharing ideas face to face, has been a critical part of the RMS brand, and it is an enormous part of the businesses so many of our partners run. It is, in truth, what keeps us in business. Longevity for most businesses in our industry means showing up. It can be beyond difficult to build a reputation when your client cannot see your face. 

For our ag feed store owners, the client has to show up to pick up the product most of the time. For our brewers and distillers, the company is alive because the customer walks through the door. For our farmers, you buy and sell much of your product in person. Each of our business partners employs people who must show up. Face time, looking someone in the eyes, connecting on a personal level, is a much more important part of business than many people realize. Those personal connections are what make for a lasting relationship. They are the key to longevity. 

Longevity Means Adapting

RMS has adapted to the changing environment for more than a decade now, and we have continued to do so through the pandemic and all of its consequences. We have changed the way we work with our customers in order to meet their needs, continuing to show up when and where we can, and taking alternative approaches to in person meetings whenever the demand calls for it. 

We at RMS are now prepared to adapt once more, and for many Americans, that means getting back to normal. As the holidays approach, people will be spending time with their families, exchanging gifts and laughing over turkey and pie. And we are thrilled to be part of your holidays in whatever way we can, keeping your businesses running with top quality machines and servicing those machines when the need arises. We continue to adapt to the expectations of our customers, and so many of our customers are calling for the world to reopen. We are listening. And we agree. 

Growth in Community

What has kept us alive has been our loyal customers. We have continued to thrive because of you, and we plan to keep your businesses well supplied and serviced through whatever comes next. RMS has built relationships with members of our communities across industries and across the country, because we listen to our customers. Longevity means staying in touch with our people, and you are our people. 

From one business to another, we are in this together, and it is high time we get back to what matters, serving the needs of our customers, together. Our engineers are fired up and ready to remain on the cutting edge of innovation for your equipment. Our technicians are ready to hit the road and service and repair your machinery should it malfunction for any reason. And our sales team is eager to talk turkey with you, not just the kind that sits on the table at Thanksgiving, but the nitty gritty details of how we can best supply your business with the equipment you need. 

Let’s get back to business. 

Contact RMS today and let us know how we can help you get a head start on the coming new year, one we are sure will keep business booming. 


It’s not an easy choice to make, right? And often, we don’t have to. We can do both. We can provide both quality and quantity. But, when it does actually come down to it, RMS Roller Grinder opts for quality over quantity. And we have found, over the years working with our partners in industry, from agricultural feed store owners and farmers to steel manufacturers, that you all do, too. Quality over quantity is the only way to run a good, long lasting, truly successful business. 

Everything Has a Cost

It is a truth that it has taken us one hundred years, if not two hundred years, to figure out in this world. From the moment we began producing materials and goods in factories and along assembly lines, we also began calculating just how far we could push the quantity factor. We discovered just how devastating it could be to a company to flood the market with products. Prices drop and so does revenue. We also found out what happens when supplies are scarce and we raise prices too high. Clients look elsewhere and revenue, once again, drops. We have come to realize that we must find the sweet spot between meeting demand with the perfect amount of supply at a competitive cost. Because everything has a cost. 

The People Have Decided that Quality Matters

The greatest cost, perhaps, is failing to provide quantity. You can make a million widgets, but if your widgets fall apart quickly, breaking down in the new owner’s hands, people will lose faith in your product, your company, and your brand. It is an over time cost that catches up to everyone, no matter what. Your company fails when you do not provide value. 

There is a reason companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Levi’s have lasted so long as brand names. The product is high quality, and people know it, and people talk about it. Word of mouth is everything. 

RMS Puts Quality First

Which is why RMS has made it a mission to provide a quality product. Our machines are made in the USA, with US materials, designed and built by American workers. We also provide servicing for our machines to all of our clients as a guarantee that your equipment will last. We have earned our reputation as a manufacturer of quality goods and services, and we strive to earn your word of mouth. We could easily push out more machines built in factories overseas at cut rate prices. But then we could not guarantee and service those machines, and we would be falling short of the quality expectations of our clientele. And we just will not do that. 

Quality over quantity, every single time. 

Contact us today for a discovery session. 


If you are over the age of 40, you may remember the first IBM computer. Or the first Macintosh. Think back to the Chevy Impala or the Ford Mustang. American made used to mean something, and it meant something powerful. We used to mock toys and tech made in other countries, products that were cheaply made and fell apart quickly. Somewhere along the line, many American companies lost their way. And who can blame them? With the dollar becoming more difficult to stretch thin, more Americans tightened their budgets and became more frugal, looking to the least expensive options to save some money for life’s other necessities. Today, however, we seem to be making our way back to the demand for quality, and RMS is proud to be leading the way on that charge. 

Support Local Businesses

Along with top quality companies like Weber, Airstream, and Wilson, RMS Roller Grinder relies on American materials and American workers to keep our products in house, and by in house, we mean American. In a world obsessed with globalism, any businesses building and innovating here in the US is, after all, a “local business.” And we support local. Local businesses not only make quality products, but we also support the American economy. When we source our materials here in this country and employ American workers, we keep all the money inside our own house, America. American workers can then spend their money in local businesses, keeping this cycle of support alive and well. 

Built to Last

RMS Roller Grinder and RMS Brewing Solutions are honored to be part of the American machine industry and the American workforce. We feel privileged to run a business that employees part of the backbone of our society, American workers, and we pay them well so they can spend their money in other American companies. We conceive of, design, build, and maintain machines of the highest quality, and provide the maintenance and service that keeps them that way. The secret that so many businesses still do not seem to understand is that when you build here in America, your machines, products, and service are not the only things that last. Your business does, too. 

If you are in the market for a new or used roller mill, grist mill, or any other roller grinder machine, contact us today for a discovery session. Put us to work. Our favorite thing to do. 


Many companies take highly competitive approaches to stay alive in their industries. Some cut rates. Others cut staff. Some even cut corners. At RMS Roller Grinder, we have learned over the years that the most effective approach we can take to staying alive in our field is to keep our clients happy. And how do we do that? By remaining innovative. We take a multi pronged approach to innovation, ensuring that we are pleasing our clients on as many levels as possible. Because the truth is, as anyone in business knows, that you either innovate, or you die. 

A Quality Product for a Quality Client

Word of mouth is essential to the survival of any business. Look at any company in the world, and you will see it is successful and has longevity precisely because its customers are loyal and they spread the word. Why? In most industries, and certainly in the roller grinder industry, it is because of a quality product. Customers love products that last and last. Perhaps a few repairs or regular maintenance is necessary over the years, but after a decade, you want a machine to still be functioning like it did on day one. A decade after that, you want the same. 

RMS builds its machines in the United States of America, with top quality, extra thick steel. We keep our machines user friendly and with the fewest moving parts possible. We understand the value of “less is more.” We have continued to innovate with our machines over the years, keeping our clients happy, which in turn encourages them to spread the word. 

Not Too Cheap

Because we make our machines with top quality materials, using the most innovative technology, and employing highly skilled American workers, our machines are not cheap. We are not the most expensive roller grinder company on the market, but we also are not the cheapest. And we are okay with that. Part of innovation is accepting that those loyal clients who want to offer their own clients innovative and quality products are more than willing to pay for a product they can rely on. 

Efficient, effective, and almost effortless, RMS roller mills exceed expectations every single time. There are not many machine companies that can stand by a promise like that. That’s true innovation. 

Service with a Smile

Finally, and certainly not lower in priority, RMS offers superior customer service. We have our finger on the pulse, and we really listen. Our staff, from our executives down to our newest engineer or service tech, is dedicated to keeping the humanity in our company. People matter to us. You are the heart of our company, and we simply would not exist without you. Innovate or die, to us, really means that we remain always just ahead of client demands, so that we meet your needs before you even realize you have them. We don’t just offer customer service. We are passionate about it. 

Innovate or Die

We are alive and well and moving forward with new ideas and innovations thanks to you, our clients. RMS exists because we get the supreme pleasure of serving our customers, and we are proud of that legacy. Our approach may be a little unorthodox today, but once upon a time it was the American way. It is our hope that we can lead by example, and see other machine companies, and indeed companies across industries, follow suit. In this way, the good working people of this country can once again rely on the businesses they support with their hard earned dollars. 

If you want to hear more about how we innovate at RMS, head over to our website and browse around. If you’re interested in booking a discovery session with one of our sales executives, give us a call today (605) 368 – 9007. 


Sometimes you have to replace it. We know – it’s a hard pill to swallow. We are an American company that makes our products here in this great country. We believe in durability and longevity. We believe in the things that last. Like family. Like those real friendships. Like a great song. Like that book you read over and over. Like that epic film. Like great memories. Yes. We believe in making things that last, and in valuing things that last. But sometimes you have to let things go. Part of forward momentum in business is knowing when to throw in the towel on a product or service that does not work. Trust us, we have been in the machine design and construction business for many years, and we hate having to start over, to go back to the drawing board, but sometimes it is what is necessary for the progress we seek, for what is best for our clients. 

Big picture thinking for the future means that, though you may love a machine, be it your car or your roller grinder mill, sometimes you have to say goodbye, even if it has served you well in the past. Quite often, we come across clients still hanging on to those old mills, patching and repairing them on their own, or hoping to get a mechanic out who can wring one more good year out of it.

Let It Go

We at RMS Roller Grinder, home of top quality machines, are here to tell you it may be time to let that old machine go and invest in a new one. And not just because your old one just is not performing at optimum levels, getting you the product you really want to offer your own clients. We also want to remind you that a new machine from RMS means that in addition to a top quality product that comes out predictably perfect every single time, you also get the full service for life that you deserve. 

When you buy a new or used roller grinder mill with RMS, you get our techs, our repairmen, our sales and training team. You get a new family. Perhaps you already know this because you’ve purchased from us before. Maybe you’ve heard about us from a friend. It’s all true. We are here to serve you, and when you buy a machine from us, even as it ages, we have solutions, we have the experts on the job, and we make sure your equipment performs just like it did on day one throughout its life span. 

Big picture thinking in roller grinder machines sometimes means letting go of the old and welcoming the new. If you think you might be ready for that leap, reach out to one of our sales executives today and let’s get you started with a discovery session. American made. Built to last. Exceeding your expectations. Every time. 


It has never been about the machines. What you might not know about RMS Roller Grinder as a company, is that we were founded on the idea of people, not machines. Owner Alex Pearson and Sales Director Blake Sandness have overseen the growth of RMS from a handful of employees making and selling top quality equipment to a company with national reach by focusing on the people. You see, these guys, and each and every one of their employees, from the highest executives to the newest and greenest hire, know that when your primary focus is on people, everything else falls into place in spectacular ways. 

Top Quality Machines

The truth about top quality machines is that pretty much anyone with the drive can make them. RMS has been in the business of roller grinder machines that exceed expectations from day one. The difference between us and our competitors is not that we make better machines than they do, necessarily (though in many cases our equipment is superior for a variety of reasons). The difference, you see, between us and them is that we pour our heart and souls into the design and construction, the sales and the delivery, the maintenance and the servicing, of those machines because of people. By keeping people at the forefront of the company mission, we know we want to hire only service centered employees, including our engineers. 

Indeed, Blake himself was an engineer first at RMS, before stepping into his role as Sales Director. He knew then what he knows now, that the design is driven by client need, by functionality, by durability, and by longevity – all things essential to customer centered design. You can make a top quality machine that does not last, one that must be repaired regularly, even one that is not super user friendly. We all know companies that make high demand technology or machinery that leaves much to be desired. We wanted much more than that for our customers, for our legacy. 


The legacy of RMS will continue to be about people for the duration of our time in business, hopefully for many years to come. One of the key aspects to that legacy, along with top quality machines, is our commitment to innovation. We keep an ear to the ground at all times, so that we are aware of new technology and new discoveries related to the machines we make. 

What this approach to innovation means is that our company functions as a family. We are a family. Our service techs are in constant communication with our design team. Our design team has an open line of communication with our sales team. And so on. At each level of service and sales at RMS, we take ownership of the company’s commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations. If a service tech sees a problem with the equipment, they are sure to pass it on to our design team. If our design engineers are preparing a new design, they will put the word out to our sales team, so our sales team can discuss ideas with our customers. We innovate for our clients, because of our clients, and with our clients. The family oriented culture at RMS ensures it. 

Not Just the Client 

To be clear, while the client is our top priority, people are our only priority. We do not forget that our employees are people, too. We know that happy employees lead to happy clients, in more ways than one, so we focus not just on client satisfaction, but also on employee satisfaction. Our team members matter to us. We listen to our staff and value their input. We hire from within whenever possible, and when we hire from outside the company, we seek feedback on those hiring decisions from our existing staff. We care about our employees because they are the heart and soul of our company, and they put their heart and soul into their work for our clients. Everybody wins. 

In the end, what you might not know about RMS, is that while we have grown, while we have expanded, and while we have innovated beyond our wildest dreams, we have done it all for and because of our people. RMS quite literally stands for exceeding our customer’s expectations through providing exceptional quality in a sustainable way and from a family oriented culture. We love our people. We just thought you should know.