To maximize the productivity and quality of your grain processing, you need to have the right malt handling equipment. Learn more below about the number of quality options RMS can provide. Or feel free to set up a time to talk with one of our experts to help determine a solution most appropriate for your application.

Reliable RMS malt handling equipment is built to optimize your grain handling operation!

A front view of an RMS flex auger

Flex Augers

An RMS flex auger is a great solution if you need a simple way to transport grain. It’s suitable for operations of all sizes, and can meet the needs of both large scale and boutique breweries and distilleries. 

A front view of an RMS Chain Disc System

Chain Disc Systems

The RMS chain disk delivery system is durable, reliable, and affordable. It can also be modified to work within a variety of brewing and distilling operations.

A front view of an RMS Vertical Auger

Vertical Augers

Slim and mighty, the vertical auger unloads dried grain at amazingly fast speeds. This setup is ideal if your facility necessitates moving your grain in a straight up or down motion.

A front view of an RMS Cable Disc system.

Cable Disc

If your processing operation requires pulling grain from an assortment of storage bins, a cable disc system is ideal. The flexibility of this system works especially well when space is limited.

Good Malt Handling Equipment Means Better, More Efficient Breweries and Distilleries

Businesses involved in brewing or distilling need a reliable system for moving malt. This system may look different for a small craft brewery versus a large production facility. Regardless of how simple or complex the transfer is, this is a common problem area, where several issues like excess dust, spillage, and lost efficiency can occur.

For businesses that require any level of grain maneuvering, RMS has solutions to help optimize brew conveyance and distilling conveyance. This helps to increase overall productivity and consistency. Our goal is to minimize setbacks associated with the technology or machinery in your grain operation.

Whatever your need, get the most out of your malt handling equipment. Call RMS today at (605) 368-9007. 

Caramel malt in a bag.
Worker pours ingredients into a brewing tank.

Pay Attention to the Details of Your Grain Transportation

After packaging and distribution, malt is one of the most expensive aspects of the brewing process. A good quality product relies on a good, consistent grist profile, which requires precision and careful measuring. So once that ideal profile is achieved, the malt must be handled with care. 

If you treat your ingredients well as they make their way through the process, you’ll get a superior quality product. This attention to detail goes a long way in building a reputable brewhouse or distillery. Consequently, your malt handling equipment can positively impact on your brewhouse yields and sales.

Size Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Conveyance

Efficiency is a concern for all brewers. This means using every inch of production space the best possible way. Whatever the production size, multiple steps must be completed, but many smaller operations also have to battle with limited space. RMS’s adaptable conveyors are suitable for small operations committed to quality, but operate in a modest space. 

On the other hand, larger breweries often want the ability to replicate processes for scaling within the space(s) they already have. We can also accommodate large brewing operations who want machines that can integrate easily into existing systems.

Owner pouring beer in glass while standing by worker at brewery


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services the best mills and other mill accessories for our customer’s unique brewing or distilling applications. Whether you are looking for a simple flex auger system or a more complex chain disc system, we will partner with you to deploy the best solution for your needs. RMS will ensure you receive the best and most reliable products and support. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove the troubles and frustration from your malt handling equipment.

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