Not only does RMS build robust quality equipment, but we also offer innovative accessories to help increase machine uptime and protect your investment. From roller mill controls to automatic maintenance systems, RMS is dedicated to making our customer’s jobs easier.

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** Most accessories can be retrofit to different makes and models of roller mills. **


Scalpers help to ensure “Foreign Objects”, such as rock, cobs, stocks, and other large objects, do not make it into the rolls. These foreign objects can cause premature roll wear, create out of roll position instances, and sometimes even damage rolls and bearings. Scalpers are a great investment to keep the mill up and running.

Gravity Scalper

View of a scalper assist.

Scalper Assists


Roller mills perform best when evenly flood fed. RMS’s feedrolls ensure product is evenly fed across the whole length of the rolls providing a consistent grind and even roll wear.

Automatic Magnet Systems

One of the most overlooked maintenance aspects of a roller mill is the cleaning of the magnets. The Automatic Magnet System automates a task that is normally forgotten because it is out of sight and out of mind. Regularly cleaned magnets keeps ferrous objects such as bearings, bolts, nuts, metal shaving, and so much more out of the rolls elongating roll life and improving grind consistency.

Bearing Monitoring Systems

Bearing Monitoring Systems are great additions to the Automatic Greasing Systems. The Bearing Monitoring System offers a piece of mind that bearings are running within the proper operating temperatures. Notifications can be set up via email or text message when a bearing is getting hot. Additionally, this system can be programmed to automatically shut down the roller mill to avoid significant damage and/or avoid fire.

Automatic Greasing Systems

The #1 failure and cause of down time for a roller mill is a bearing failure. Bearings generally fail because of either a lack of grease or incompatible grease. With an Automatic Greasing System, you are confident that the bearings are getting the right type and amount of grease every time.

Roll Gap & AccuGap® Controls

If your application requires multiple grind sizes, the roller mill is not located near the control room, or you have multiple operators, Roll Gap & AccuGap® Controls offer a good solution.

Roll Gap Control allows operators to quickly select a preset recipe initiating the roller mill to automatically adjust the gap to the correct position. This option not only speeds up the process of changing grind sizes but also ensures that each operator does it the same. Can you say “Consistency!”

AccuGap® is the calibration of the rolls to ensure that they are parallel and zeroed to each other. With roll gap position being set within thousands of an inch, it is critical calibration is done correctly and consistently. Let AccuGap® take the guesswork out of calibrating the rolls.

Roller Mill Controls

Through years of designing, building, and servicing roller mills, we have discovered a few tricks of the trade. RMS Roller Mill Controls assures you that the roller mill will be set up correctly and allows you to optimize the performance. Our user-friendly controls make operation easy to navigate. Better yet, if connected to the internet, RMS’s experts can remotely log in and see the same thing you are seeing allowing for quick support and troubleshooting assistance.

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