A History of Confidently Building & Servicing Quality Roller Mills and Lasting Partnerships

RMS is a company confidently building and servicing quality roller mills specific for each customer’s application. We partner with you to find the right solution, and ensure the most reliable product and services for your application. RMS Roller-Grinder takes the hassle and frustration out of milling and grain handling systems for the customer’s peace of mind.

RMS Roller-Grinder equipment is designed and produced right here in the USA. With systems deployed in all 50 states, you could say we’re local everywhere. We’re providing top-of-line equipment and systems that let companies across the country create fantastic products.

Our team at RMS is passionate about their business. The professionals at RMS are here to do whatever it takes for your operation to be a success. They will work with you every step of the way and with every detail. In the process, we hope to get to know you and build a relationship that is long-lasting and productive.

With demonstrated success in the following industries:

  • Animal Feed
  • Aquaculture
  • Brewery
  • Bio-diesel
  • Biomass
  • Coffee
  • Distillery
  • Ethanol
  • Food, Chemical & Mineral Grinding
  • Pet Food
  • Recycling

Custom applications are always welcome!

The hands of a farmer close-up holding a handful of grains in a field.
A young brewer in a leather apron controls the grinding of malt in a mill at a modern brewery
Happy farmer showing freshly harvested corn gains against grain silos

Made in the USA