The Benefits of Feed Grinder Machines

RMS’ feed grinders are designed to break down large pieces of grain to the optimal size for your livestock. With durable construction, our machines can be used season after season, providing precision performance and consistent results. Each feed grinder can easily be adjusted to accommodate different types of materials, from corn and barley to wheat and soy.

We also offer a range of livestock feed grinder machines and accessories, such as pellet crumblers, crackers, and roller grinders to meet your specific needs no matter what industry.

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A front view of an RMS Single Pair Cracker


Crackers are ideal for breaking corn & other grains down to larger particle sizes while minimizing the number of fines. Crackers come in either single pair or double pair configurations.

A front view of an RMS Single Pair Crumbler

Pellet Crumblers

Crumblers are ideal for resizing pelleted material while minimizing fines.

A front view of an RMS Double Pair Mill.

Roller Mills

Roller mills are ideal for applications where a fine grind consistency is required. Roller mills come in single pair, double pair, triple pair, and quad pair configurations.

A front view of an RMS VersaMill®.


The VersaMill® is for that customer looking for ultimate control or needing a wide array of grind profiles. Future Proof your next roller mill!

Front view of particle pro


ParticlePro™ allows users to verify product quality and maximize inputs into their operation by ensuring their equipment produces the correct size material every time.

A front view of an RMS Scalper Assist.


Innovative accessories to help increase machine uptime and protect your investment. RMS offers accessories from roller mill controls to automatic maintenance systems.


Replacement Parts Icon.

Replacement Parts

RMS uses and stocks the best OEM parts available to keep our customer’s machines up and running.

Image of components for maintenance and repair.

Endurance Roll Program

The Endurance Roll Program is a comprehensive service program to help customers increase uptime, decrease cost, and ensure their team understands best practices for operating and maintaining their roller mill.

Roll Exchange Icon.

Roll Exchange

RMS has a full team of experienced service technicians that will come to your location with sharp rolls and replacement parts to complete the job.

Roll Sharpening Icon.

Roll Sharpening

Sharpening and quality checks built into every stage of the process. Sharpening services include Ship & Sharpens and Same Day Sharpening.

Testing and Consulting Icon.

Testing & Consulting

RMS has a Test Lab for unique applications to verify a roller mill will meet your needs. Additional services and consulting are offered for Particle Size Analysis (PSA’s), Roll Life Analysis, and On-site consulting.

Image of the components of training.

Roller Mill Training

RMS offers initial and continued training and development with various roller mill equipment to ensure proper operations and success.


RMS is progressive in technology, listens to their customers’ needs, and their team is very knowledgeable.

by Tom Rubrake
Synergy Feeds
Edgerton, Indiana

As with any new technology you are always wondering if this will be as reliable as older processing. The versa mill has been significantly more reliable, and we along with RMS are adapting to increase its reliability.

by Chuck Anderson
Eichelberger Milling, inc.

Great Experience! Service is just as good as the equipment. No better machine out there. People are great to work with. Easy machine to adjust for ourselves to maintain our grind size

by Doug
Mid State Milling

I would definitely recommend RMS to others in our industry. Their tireless efforts to listen to their customers to improve the milling process and find the best solution with each individual mill is impressive. The quality and service we continue to see has made RMS an easy choice for our milling needs.

by Dan Berkner
Mill Manager
Protein Sources Milling

With our past experience with the people and the equipment, I would strongly recommend the RMS products.

by Bob Raue
Crystal Valley Cooperative