If you’re ready to create the most consistent craft beer possible, consider automating your process with a modern control system. Automatic weighing, transfering, milling, and conveyance make grain handling a breeze with automated systems. Remote control functionality and accurate reporting ensure the highest consistency and quality in your craft beverages.


– Repeatable quality batch after batch
– Reduced labor demand
– Consistency across all brewery staff
– Stored batch records and reports for referencing later
– Remote access so you don’t need to be in front of the equipment to start a batch
– So easy your accountant could start a batch for you


– Customizable hardware options
– Customizable software options
– Touchscreen capabilities
– Remote workstations

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At RMS, we are thrilled to be involved in the brewing industry. We experience firsthand the talent, enthusiasm, and originality that master brewers infuse into their products. That’s why we want to do our part to make this fascinating and complex process go more smoothly. 

All breweries require some level of grain handling. This part can be especially tedious and prone for errors. To address these challenges, RMS has developed a robust automated brewing system ideal for breweries and distilleries to help you increase productivity and accuracy, and alleviate some of the burden of production.

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There’s a Lot Going On Out There

To make a name for yourself in any industry, you need every competitive advantage you can get. This maxim is becoming increasingly applicable in the craft beer industry. With over 9,000 Regional Craft Breweries, Microbreweries, Taprooms, Brewpubs, and Large/Non-craft breweries in the US, you cannot take any of your customers for granted.

It’s a highly competitive market—and one that is steadily growing. While every business needs to be aware of the competition, success can only come when you are able to focus on your business.

Don’t Lose Sight of What’s Important

As a brewer, your focus should be on producing a quality beer that delights your customers. That end goal may sound simple, but the process to get there is definitely not. Many visible and invisible obstacles make it difficult to build and maintain a profitable brewery. 

Some common ones are: 

  • Achieving a consistent quality brew
  • Improving your yield
  • Optimizing your production line
  • Managing costs 

If you are experiencing some or all of these obstacles, consider brewery automation as a possible means to address these issues impacting your business.


We Can Work It Out

As much as we’d like to, RMS can’t solve EVERY challenge facing your brewery or distillery. We’re grain handling experts. So for everyone’s benefit, we stick to what we know. Nevertheless, we understand the brewing and distilling industries very well, and we are familiar with the many difficulties you face trying to stay in business.

If you plan on scaling, you have to do more than just address the issues and difficulties—you need to optimize. Our focus on grain handling optimization can play a vital role in your transition to a fully automated brewing system.

Making Changes While Keeping Things the Same

Consistency is critical regardless of whether you produce 500 barrels per year or 50,000. Whatever level you’re at, our brewery control system can help you achieve your goals. Our years of experience in grain handling engineering have given us extraordinary insight into how we can play a key supporting role in the brewing process. 

We will work with you, and help you look at brewery control system options to find the components necessary to meet your production goals. As you automate and expand, our automated brewing system can grow with you, and enable you to increase capacity without negatively affecting your product’s distinctive traits.

The Right Technology for the Right Time

A well-planned, well-built automated brewing system can save you time and money by increasing the accuracy of your operation. For such important work, you should carefully consider how a brewery control system can positively impact your grain handling to maximize productivity and quality in your processing. Talk with one of our experts today to help determine the most appropriate solution for your application.


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services only the best automated brewing systems and other roller mill accessories for our customer’s unique grain handling applications. Whatever you need, we will ensure you receive the most reliable products and support. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove the troubles and frustration from your milling and entire grain handling system.

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