Are you looking for professional grain handling equipment, grist mills, or services to transform your brewing process? Having the right grain handling equipment is essential to a productive business and quality product. With RMS, you can find a company that will meet your brew mill needs! RMS offers the most state-of-the-art equipment so you can hone and focus on your craft. We are a trusted provider of award-winning breweries all over the world. We are your start-to-finish grain handling experts!


Image of standard/general silo.

Bulk Storage Solutions

RMS offers a comprehensive range of bulk storage solutions, from bulk bag racks and silos to grist cases. Our bulk storage solutions are not just about holding grain – they’re about preserving its quality, ensuring easy access, and optimizing your brewery’s space.

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Conveyance Systems

Our diverse range of customizable conveyance solutions includes flex augers, chain disc systems, vertical augers, and cable disc systems designed to fit any brewery layout.

An RMS mill


Experience superior grind consistency and quality with RMS grist mills crafted with premium components. Browse our 2-roll and 4-roll mills to find the exact mill that meets your needs.

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Grain Handling Controls

From entry-level to advanced systems, RMS offers intuitive grain handling controls that make your brewing process smarter and more manageable. Our control systems are user-friendly, with features that allow for remote monitoring and automation.

A front view of an RMS weighing system

Precision Weighing

RMS provides a variety of weighing solutions, including flow scales, load cells, and dump scales. Accuracy in weighing is crucial for recipe consistency, and our scales are calibrated to offer you the highest level of precision.

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Specialty Equipment

Want to move beyond the traditional brewing equipment? Explore our specialty equipment, such as flake hoppers, custom hoppers, and unique augers, all designed to make your brewing a breeze.


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Replacement Parts

We keep a stockpile of high-quality OEM parts on hand to make sure you can order replacement parts as needed to keep your equipment performing at its best.

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Roll Exchange Program

Our team of skilled technicians will visit your facility and replace worn or damaged rolls with new, sharp rolls and replacement parts. We understand that time is money, and our roll exchange program is designed to get your mill back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Roll Sharpening Services

Experience meticulous sharpening and quality checks at every stage. Our services include Ship & Sharpens and Same Day Sharpening.

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Testing & Consulting

Our Test Lab is equipped to validate unique applications and ensure the roller mill meets your requirements. We offer Grist Analysis, Roll Life Analysis, Sieve Testing Kits, Roll Mold Impression Kits, and on-site consulting.

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Roller Mill Training

We offer initial and ongoing training programs to help you maximize the utility of your RMS equipment. These programs are hands-on and are tailored to the specific needs and skill levels of your team.

Overhead view of grain and wheat processing, storage and grain handling equipment

Project Management & Installation

From start to finish, RMS offers project management support to ensure the successful installation of your grain handling equipment. Our project managers work closely with you to coordinate all aspects of the installation, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.



We proudly serve a client base of over 1,300 breweries and distilleries across the U.S. No matter where you are, RMS is there to support you and your business.

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We never have a problem with our mill. It just works. It’s always great to start the brew day off right by using a piece of equipment that is dependable and works so well

Obscure Brewing

The only piece of equipment in our brewery we haven’t had to repair or replace. We never have to worry about our RMS mill.

Fernson Brewing

Why RMS?

Quality and consistency are non-negotiable when it comes to brewing. RMS is not just a product provider–we are a partner in your brewing journey. That’s why our grain mills are engineered to the highest standards. We use only premium parts and materials, ensuring that each mill delivers a consistent and high-quality grind – every single time.

Whether you’re operating a small craft brewery or a large-scale industrial brewing facility, our 2-roll and 4-roll mills (single-pair versus double-pair) are customizable to meet your specific milling requirements. What’s more — our commitment to your success goes beyond the initial sale. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including replacement parts, roll exchange, roll sharpening, on-site consulting, basic operational training and advanced troubleshooting techniques.