A front view of an RMS Quad Pair Mill.

12×30 Quad Pair Mill


RMS’s quad pair mills are great for applications where you are looking for finely ground product. These machines are capable of continuously hitting 375-micron all day long. Tired of hassling with those silly old hammer mills that suck up tons of energy, are so loud you cannot think, and puke dust everywhere? Give our experienced team a call and let them help determine if a quad pair roller mill is right for your application.

Quad Pair Roller Mill – #2 Yellow Corn

Capacity Rating at 375 Micron
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×123(4) 10HP
9×186(4) 15HP
9×248(4) 20HP
9×3010(4) 25HP
9×3612(4) 30HP
12×2416(4) 30HP
12×3020(4) 40HP
12×3624(4) 50HP
12×4228(4) 60HP
12×5236(4) 75HP
12×7248(4) 100HP

Made in the USA