View of a standard single pair cracker

12×30 Single Pair Mill

RMS’s single pair mills are ideal for applications where a coarse grind consistency is required. Typical micron targets for a single pair mill range from 3,000 to 1,200 microns. These mills are diverse enough to handle any course grind applications. Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs.

Single Pair Roller Mill – #2 Yellow Corn – 1200 Micron

SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×61.5(1) 5HP
9×123(1) 10HP
9×184(1) 15HP
9×245.5(1) 20HP
9×307.5(1) 25HP
9×369.5(1) 30HP
12×2410(1) 30HP
12×3012.5(1) 40HP
12×3615(1) 25HP
12×4218(1) 30HP
12×5222(1) 40HP
12×7230(1) 50HP

Made in the USA