by Blake Sandnes

The Origin of the RMS Brewery Auger

The brewery grain auger we often install is a Flex Auger. This conveyance equipment was originally designed for delivering animal feed in the agricultural industry. However, it has evolved to meet the needs of both large and small-scale breweries and distilleries.

An RMS brewery auger has numerous benefits. It can be used anywhere that requires conveying grain, such as from silos to mills, or from mills to brewhouses. It is also economical and versatile, which makes it particularly useful for starter or budget-minded breweries.

How It Works

The construction of a Flex Auger is pretty simple. It is easy to set up and operate, requiring only a flip of a switch to start/stop the system. The flex auger can be bent or curved around other equipment and structures with use of corners. This enables you to easily move grain through and around a brewery.

The equipment consists of 3 main assemblies.

  • The head unit is where the material discharges from and consists of a motor, gearbox, and transition funnel.
  • The lower boot assembly is the infeed end of the equipment and consists of a bearing and metal transition.
  • The PVC pipe, elbow, and coil connect the lower boot assembly to the head unit.
Image of assembled Head Unit
Assembled Head Unit
Photo of assembled Lower Boot
Assembled Lower Boot
Auger Flighting photo
Auger Flighting: PVC with coils

The capacity of a brewery grain auger depends on many factors, including:

  • Material bulk density
  • Auger pitch and rotational speed
  • Pipe diameter and length

Different configurations are available, depending on what material you’re conveying.

When To Use It & When Not To

“Flex augers work really well in large open spaces, because it allows us the floor space needed to get the system vertical. That way we’re not having to pitch the auger more than a 45-degree angle. These brewery augers are ideal for shorter runs. The longer the run, the more damage we’re doing to the grist.”

– Riley Aadland, RMS Roller Grinder Applications Engineer

Many different types of material can be moved with flex augers. They’re great for conveying free-flowing, including whole grains, crushed grains, and grist. Depending on the system design and length, they can be rough on the grain, especially the husk, so it may not be suitable for all applications.

A brewery auger does take up more floor space than other options because the auger should not be angled at more than 45 degrees to achieve the necessary rise. Additionally, because the flighting or coil is metal and the piping is plastic, the PVC pipe will wear out over time requiring it to be patched or replaced.

We typically recommend an application consultation before purchasing a Flex Auger to ensure it’s the right equipment for your operation.

Common Applications

Caramel malt in a bag transported by a brewery grain augerBeer breweries, distilleries, and other industries frequently use Flex Augers, but they can really be used anywhere that requires conveying grain. Some general applications include:

  • Transporting whole grain from silos to mills
  • Moving crushed grain from mills to brewhouses
  • Conveying grist (crushed grain) in general

The Flex Auger is perfect for batch and intermittent production. Additionally, a brewery auger allows you to take advantage of the automation options available for transporting your malt. By automating even a small portion of your production process, your business can benefit immensely from the reduced time and labor required to manually move your malt throughout your brewery.

Learn More About RMS Roller Grinder

RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services the finest roller mills and conveyance equipment for all our customers’ unique grain handling operations. If you need a consultation on installing or upgrading a brewery grain auger, we can partner with you to ensure you receive the highest quality and most reliable product and support. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove troubles and frustration from your entire system.

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