A front view of an RMS flex auger

When layout or length create a challenge for your grain handling, flexible grain augers can be a cost-effective and efficient option to move your malt. Flexible flighting allows for a convenient way to navigate limiting angles, corners, and elevation changes to different locations within your facility. Flex Augers are often the most economical option, but are also the hardest on the grain. You will likely need to adjust your crush to offset the additional processing done by the flex auger.


– PVC Piping
– Multiple motor options (3 Phase/Single Phase, TEFC/XP)
– Flexible shaftless flighting
– Extension hoppers available to extend length and ease design limitations for hard-to-reach areas
– Cost effective


– Lengths from 10 to 150 feet for single auger – extension hoppers eliminate length limit
– Sizes available 1,875 – 10,000 lbs/hr capacity – twin configuration available to double capacity

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Why Use a Flexible Grain Auger

Close up of male hands in brewery pouring wheat grains in golden sunlightFlex augers can be an incredibly useful element in any beer brewing operation. Every brewery or distillery needs to transport grain several different times:

  • Moving uncracked grain to their grain mill
  • Moving their cracked grain to a storage unit
  • Moving their cracked grain from their storage equipment into their brewhouse or mash cooker

A flex auger can help move grain through all those different stages quickly and at a constant rate. This can significantly improve the efficiency of your entire grain-transferring process.

With all the equipment needed to run a brewery and distillery successfully, a flex auger doesn’t usually get much attention. By automating the transportation of your malt with a brewery grain auger, your business can benefit immensely from the reduced time and labor required to manually move your malt throughout your brewery.

Our goal is to equip you with the best solution to meet your needs. Introducing automation only works well when we integrate the right equipment to help you produce a quality end product.

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Flex Auger FAQs

An RMS flex auger is an enclosed system. When installed with an RMS roller mill, our brewery grain auger produces practically no grain dust. The system as a whole helps contain the malt dust created during milling, which enables brewers to keep their brewhouses clean and functioning smoothly.

RMS’s flexible grain auger employs shaftless auger flighting to convey malt through PVC piping. As a result, flex augers can be hard on the grain when conveying milled malt. Some brewers have found they need to adjust their crush out of their mill to avoid producing excessive flour in their mash. However, the auger model you choose, the amount of grain you transport, and the rate you transfer it will all impact the grain. It’s not necessarily universal that all breweries must make milling adjustments when they use an auger.

If an auger runs for a prolonged period of time, the shaft and the grain can produce a high level of friction. This friction can then create higher levels of fines, and these extra fines can disrupt your lautering times. That additional time in turn can then affect the flavor of the final brew. However, regular oversight and maintenance of a grain auger can prevent this kind of unintended flavor deviation.

Any brewing or distilling operation that needs to convey grain from one location to another can benefit from a flexible grain auger. However, RMS’s flex auger design makes them ideal for smaller breweries, breweries with limited space, or any operation that needs to move grain quickly for short runs. 


"The RMS Brewing team is super easy to get a hold of, and the customer service has always been excellent."

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Thank you for all the help with the project. Mill is phenomenal, grind is excellent and has already shaved off 1.78 hours of milling time.

by Six Mile Creek Distillery

We’ve had nothing but great success with RMS Roller Grinders.

by East Coast Brewery Design Contractor

It's nice to have a piece of machinery that I don't have to question whether or not it will work.

by Jeremy Pryes, Pryes Brewing


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services industrial brewing equipment for our customers’ unique applications. Whatever your business size or output requirements, we will partner with you to deploy not only a top-quality machine, but the best solution for your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure you receive the best and most reliable products and support. 

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