When layout or length creates a challenge for your grain handling, flexible augers can be a cost-effective and efficient option to move your malt. Flexible flighting allows for a convenient way to make limited angles, corners, and elevation changes to different equipment or locations within your brewery or distillery. Flex Augers are oftentimes the most economical option but are also the hardest on the grain and you likely will need to adjust your crush to offset the additional processing done by the flex auger.


– PVC Piping
– Multiple motor options (3 Phase/Single Phase, TEFC/XP)
– Flexible shafts flighting
– Extension hoppers available to extend the length and ease design limitations for those hard to reach areas


– Lengths from 20 to 150 feet for single auger – extension hoppers allow for no length limit
– Sizes available 1,875 – 10,000 lbs/hr Capacity – twin configuration available to double capacity

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