by Blake Sandnes

Twenty percent of small business startups fail in their first year. As many as half fail within the first five years. This reality is a harsh one, and it is no less harsh for breweries and microbreweries. What we have found, though, across the board, is that the businesses that survive are those that place service at the center of every single business decision they make. We have been proud to partner with some of the most amazing breweries both in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas and across the country. The service aspect has rung true in every one of our partners in brewing and in distilling, and we think what makes our relationships so rich is that the RMS motto is a service centered one as well. 

Serve or Fail

When it comes down to it, service must be at the center because if our clients do not feel cared for and cared about, we lose them. It is a service oriented circle of sorts when you think about it. We provide quality equipment for brewing and distilling businesses so those businesses may provide a quality product delivered with service to their clients. When we all think of ourselves as meeting legitimate needs of a target audience, then we all have enormous potential to succeed. When we couple that meeting of needs with a genuine interest in the well being and satisfaction of that same audience, failure seems almost like an impossibility. 

The Problem 

The problem, as we at RMS see it, is twofold. Either businesses create a need that does not actually exist and then provide an inferior product to meet that need or companies provide a product to meet a need, but then do not back up that product with customer service. It is really irrelevant that your product is amazing if you do not treat your clients as a priority. And if you are creating an artificial need, you will eventually be found out. 

The problem, you see, is that many businesses begin with an idea, but without the dedication to thrive and the commitment to serve. It is not easy to give everything you have, blood, sweat, and tears, to a business you own and run from the ground up. Every moment feels like an opportunity to fail. But every one of those moments, too, is an opportunity to learn. And we have learned as much as we have failed. We know firsthand that you have, too. Our partners in brewing and distilling are some of the toughest, most committed, biggest hearted business owners we’ve ever met. 

Beer, Spirit, and a Smile

The great thing about the beer and liquor industries is that you will always have clients. The need has been around for as long as people have been around. Beer is about 7,000 years old. Liquor comes in a little later at around 2,000 BC, but still, that’s pretty old. The need is there. The problem with beer, liquor, and all of the industries involved therein is not the demand. It is and always will be the service. Our clients come to us with a genuine desire to product a top quality product, and we meet that need with a smile. The most successful partners we have ever had do the same. 

Walk into any brewery or distillery we work with and you will find passion, joy, and a true love for their products, for their business, and for their loyal customers. 

Service with a smile is at the heart of our work, and we are beyond thrilled to work with so many companies who feel the same way. 

If you are in the market for new brewing or distilling equipment, contact us today for a discovery session. You can expect a top quality product and superior customer service. 

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