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When it comes to animal nutrition, feed particle size is a crucial factor to consider for optimal animal nutrition. The size of feed, whether it’s a coarse particle size or fine particle size, can play a significant role in the nutrient digestibility and absorption rates within the animal’s digestive tract. Consequently, using a roller mill for animal feed can produce the right-sized particles for improving feed intake, feed efficiency, and animal performance.

Better Quality Control Through Regular Testing

Measuring, recording, and analyzing particle size data has become increasingly vital for farms and agri-business operations. By doing this, businesses can determine the optimal feed structure for specific species, such as chicken feed or pig feed, and adjust their feed processing accordingly. This produces animal feed with  consistent particle sizes for better nutrient absorption and utilization.

Better Savings in Particle Size Reduction

A close up of an RMS ParticleProWhen sizing particles in animal feeds, total cost is also an important consideration.

One way to save on costs is by ensuring a consistent animal feed grind.

Having unfluctuating particle size allows for more precise feeding, which reduces waste and increases feed efficiency.

However, there are two other major issues affecting animal feed production that the ParticlePro™ can  solve.

Skilled Labor Shortage

As feed production processes become more advanced, technical skills are increasingly crucial to maintaining quality standards. Unfortunately, a growing number of feed producers are facing a skilled labor shortage.

Finding skilled grinder technicians who can consistently check the quality of the grind is becoming more challenging, making it harder to keep production lines running smoothly and efficiently.

By including ParticlePro™ in your animal feed processing, you can benefit from precise measuring and analysis without the cost of employing a full-time expert.

Rising Input Costs

Raw material costs have been risingCorn is being dried in the sun in recent years, with various factors contributing to the upward trend. For animal feed producers, raw materials make up a significant percentage of total production costs.

With the cost of feed material such as corn, soybeans, and wheat experiencing continuous increases, it becomes crucial to look for ways to reduce waste.

By optimizing their processing   techniques and machines, farmers can help minimize losses and achieve better cost savings.

A Grinder for Ultimate Control & Savings

Achieving a good and consistent grind is easy if you start with a first-rate grinder. The RMS VersaMill® is an industrial roller mill especially designed for high-capacity milling.

Its unique design featuring a motor on each roll allows for maximum adjustability to target both a coarse and fine grind in a single machine. This mill’s heavy-duty construction ensures reliable performance over the long term.

The mill can be customized with a variety of features to suit specific milling needs, such as automatic roll gap adjustment, feed roll magnet systems, and more

The machine can process a wide range of grains, including corn, wheat, barley, and more. Overall, the RMS VersaMill® is a versatile and reliable roller mill for animal feed for small to large scale operations. When combined with the RMS ParticlePro™, you have the ultimate mechanism for accurate and consistent feed particle size to help you maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Learn more in the FREE VersaMill® eBook:

VersaMill® 101 eBook coverThis booklet provides a more comprehensive view of the RMS VersaMill®, and is a valuable resource for learning and understanding the benefits and features of this grinder.

Get precise information on how the VersaMill® is different from traditional mills and the particular applications that can benefit the most from its preeminent engineering.

About RMS Roller Grinder

If you have questions about selecting a roller mill for animal feed, feel free to contact us anytime.

RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services the best roller mills and accessories for all our customers’ unique grinding applications. If you need a consultation on an existing machine or installing a new one, we can partner with you to ensure you receive the most efficient and most reliable products and support. Our goal is to leave you with peace of mind by doing whatever it takes to remove troubles and frustration from your entire system.

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