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Bulk & Powder Solids

Increase Efficiency in the Bulk and Powder Industry–Will It Grind? Find Out With RMS Testing

RMS’s VersaMill®.

Did you know RMS has testing and custom design capabilities for any application? That’s right–if you’re in the powder and bulk industry and need to properly grind your material but aren’t sure which industrial grinder machine will work, RMS will test it for you.

We take the necessary time to make sure the equipment will work, whether you want to visit RMS in person or send us the material. In this article, we connect with Josh and Roy at RMS’s R&D Department to learn more about the powder and bulk testing process.

Which Industries Can RMS Serve With Industrial Grinding?

RMS can serve many unique industries, especially since the powder and bulk industry encompasses a wide range of materials. It can include anything from minerals to pharmaceuticals, as well as more specific applications such as biochar and many others. RMS has experience working with niche applications and materials. If you’re not sure if we can assist you, don’t hesitate to get in touch because chances are, we can!

How Does RMS Assist Customers With Testing?

A hand holding finely ground biochar.

Our communication and transparency throughout testing ensure that you know exactly the performance to expect when the new machine is implemented into your grinding process. We appreciate the challenges of industrial grinding, which is why we make the process as seamless as possible for your business.

Whether customers have a unique industrial grinder application or a more common one, RMS takes a consultative approach with bulk and powder applications. We work with the customer to determine what size and capacity they’re trying to grind their material to.

If the customer isn’t able to visit RMS in person, we’ll request a sample of the starting material and run it through our test mills here at RMS to get the desired output for the customer and send the material back for approval.

What Does RMS Look For During Testing?

A person testing an RMS roller mill in a factory.What exactly is RMS looking for during the industrial grinder testing process? As the material comes in and we run it through our test mills, we are looking for:

  • How many sets of rolls it takes to properly size the material?
  • How hard the material grinds, so we know what size machine we need for the application.
  • Other material characteristics that can affect its ability to grind, include consistency, temperature, moisture, and friability.

We offer a wide variety of machines with different roller configurations to conform to any material specifications. Our extensive experience and comprehensive testing can give you the confidence that the RMS machine you purchase will perform efficiently and reliably for years to come.

What Does RMS Need From the Customer to Get Started?

To help properly assist the customer and determine the right machinery, RMS needs:

  • A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on the material so we can identify and accommodate any hazardous materials.
  • The desired capacity and particle size the customer is looking for, such as average particle size of your specific sieve distribution.

Contact Us Today

Find out if your bulk and powder material will grind with an industrial grinder by taking advantage of RMS’s testing process. Contact us today to discuss your material, grinding specifications, and preferences for testing so we can get started finding you the right equipment!!

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