by Blake Sandnes

Over the years, the soybean industry has grown exponentially, positioning soybeans as a global staple in both nutrition and commerce. At the heart of this growth lies the crucial soybean crushing process, which creates essential commodities like soybean meal. A significant step in this journey is the soybean cracking and flaking phase.

The Soybean Cracking and Flaking Dilemma

For a soy processor, the cracking and flaking stage isn’t just about splitting a bean. It’s about ensuring consistent grain size, maintaining the integrity of the nutritional content, and achieving all of this with minimal waste.

Traditional equipment, although functional and familiar, is not perfect. Processors experience challenges including downtime due to wear and tear, inconsistent flaking, and energy inefficiencies. There existed a need for a trustworthy technological advancement that could address these issues head-on.

A New Path Forward

RMS’s Endurance Roll Program emerges as this sought-after solution. The Endurance Process treats existing milling rolls by applying a new hardened material and a proprietary manufacturing process. These treated rolls resist wear and maintain sharpness, offering an extended roll life of 3-5 times longer than standard cast iron rolls! Unlike conventional rolls, Endurance Rolls are backed by a robust replacement program, reflecting RMS’s confidence in their longevity and performance.

But what truly sets Endurance Rolls apart is the tangible value they bring to soy processing. With reduced recorrugation costs, minimized downtime, and an assurance of consistent, high-quality output, Endurance Rolls offer an ROI that’s hard to overlook.

Endurance Rolls In Action

Alan Schultes is a member of the farmer-owned cooperative Landus and a seasoned veteran in the soybean processing realm. He made the decision to try the new Endurance Rolls offered by RMS Roller-Grinder. He’d heard about the new rolls through colleagues, and was willing to try it out, especially if they could last longer.

However, Schultes had concerns:

  • Would these rolls stand the test of time?
  • Would they cause issues with the rest of the system or wear out bearings prematurely?
  • Would the hardened material be prone to cracking?
  • Would the rolls break if debris went through the mill?

Most importantly, he worried the rollers would affect downtime. Unexpected downtime could cost Schultes operation around $1,000 an hour. His facility shut down once a month for planned downtime and maintenance, and Schultes wanted to avoid unexpected repairs.

Despite initial apprehensions, the Endurance Roll is living up to its promises. According to Alan Schultes, they might achieve up to eight million bushels with a single set of rolls—a substantial leap from the 1.5 million bushels the previous rolls managed.

RMS Endurance Rolls – Built for the Long Run

Boost your soybean processing with RMS’s Endurance Rolls. They’re efficient, durable, and ready for the challenges of your industry. Connect with RMS now and see the difference.

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