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by Blake Sandnes

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company Sees Massive Benefits With RMS Roller Mill


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Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company purchased an RMS roller mill from a third-party equipment distributor, but they could not optimize the machine for the distillery’s process.


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When the company contacted RMS for support, a technician who was in the area came by as soon as possible, and stayed until the machine had been optimized for the distillery’s needs.


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This local distillery now has a better throughput, more consistent grinds, higher volume, and a superior yield, allowing them to substantially increase their production.


Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company is a craft distiller based in  Louisville, Kentucky with a long history.

The company’s deep roots run all the way back to 1889, when they operated as Peerless Distilling Company. After the distillery was shut down as part of the first war effort in 1917, the business stayed dormant within the family for generations until the fourth generation, when the great-grandson of the original owner self-funded and revived the distillery.

When the distillery was opening up its new facility in 2016, they needed distilling equipment. They purchased a new RMS roller mill from an equipment broker, as they were specifically looking for a machine that would provide them with a consistent, high-quality grind for production that had a low noise and dust level.


Although Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company was initially satisfied with the performance of the equipment, they were ending up with a larger particle size, which made the material more difficult to handle and process, resulting in lower yields. Ultimately, the grain was harder to pump, move, and stir.

Since the distillery did not know how to unlock the true potential of the mill, they reached out to the equipment broker, who referred them to RMS. Ultimately, the distillery needed the machine set up for success, which required optimizing it for their specific production needs.


Grain particles in liquid during the mashing process.When Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company contacted RMS for support with their distilling equipment, a technician happened to be in the area and stopped by later that day. The technician had an early flight the next day, but he went above and beyond in helping the distillery get their machine set up to optimize it for success.

He stayed until 1 a.m. to help the distillery configure the machine properly. The distillery notes that while they were initially nervous about having a stranger handle their equipment, the technician’s familiarity with the machine immediately inspired confidence and they were comfortable having him make adjustments they were not comfortable making themselves.

The technician was so familiar with the mill and how to optimize it that the distillery immediately saw a massive improvement in the potential of the machine. The original configurations of the equipment were not optimized, so the technician was able to complete this process for them before leaving town the next day.


Glasses of whiskey on a table surrounded by grains and distilling equipment.Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company immediately saw results from the technician’s adjustments with their distilling grain mill. They had a finer, more consistent grind, higher throughout, and improved yield. The changes made material handling significantly better because of the uniform consistency.

In addition to having a finer grind, there was a lot more product, and the company was able to substantially increase its production. The finer grind was much easier to work with, which enabled the company to add more grain to their batches for better efficiency.

Kentucky Peerless now has RMS come out once a year, or more often if needed for service. The distillery notes that RMS doesn’t have anyone less than an expert on their staff, and everyone they have worked with is just as skilled and has real confidence when working on their machine. “We have a solid understanding that anytime they put their hands on it, they’re going to leave it in better shape than they found it,” notes the company’s Master Distiller.

“The technicians are incredibly patient and caring in teaching employees to operate the piece of machinery as well as perform routine maintenance. Even employees without a maintenance background find their instruction very useful and master it in a relatively short period of time,” he says.

The company says they’ve had RMS handle smaller maintenance items as well as larger ones on their distilling equipment and at no point ever questioned if getting RMS involved was the right move.

The Master Distiller had nothing but good things to say about the company’s experience with RMS. “They continuously provide feedback on ways we can improve best practices. There’s something to be said for a company that provides service to basically try to shortchange how much service they’re providing. They’re enabling us to perform our own maintenance, they’re enabling the machine to run for longer spans of time between visits, and they’re constantly offering up tips for ways we can improve.”

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