by Blake Sandnes

It is true what they say: leaders are not born. They are made. Anyone can be a leader. There has been, for far too long, this idea that all males are “alphas” and all females are “betas.” That somehow to be an alpha means to be aggressive, hostile, pushy, bossy, even mean. But recently, fortunately, much work has been done to undo these outdated and inherently flawed concepts of alpha leadership.

What we have found, from the biggest, baddest Navy Seals to the most stalwart and endearing stay at home moms, is that true leadership always leans toward service, toward sacrifice, and toward love. So the real questions, when it comes to leadership, are: Can you serve? Are you willing to sacrifice? Do you have the capacity for love? If the answers to those questions are all yes, yes, and yes, then you can be a leader. At RMS, we know that anyone can be a leader, and we promote and encourage this approach to leadership and growth. 


We also seek out partnerships with our local business owners who develop and exhibit this kind of leadership. No one does this better than our small brewers and distillers. It is with true love and passion that these local businesses bring to life new craft beers and ciders, and new spirits. They build a heart centered company from the ground up, with vision and faith, with bricks and mortar, and they become the beating heart of our community.

These small business owners sometimes grow to be national brewers, branch out into new beers and ciders, new spirits, branch out to adjacent industries like food and even apparel and glassware, all with a passion of purpose to bring to the market, to the people, a superior product and service.

At RMS, we are beyond proud to work with these companies, large and small, that are living evidence that anyone can be a leader, anyone, male or female, young or old, college educated or hailing from the school of hard knocks and self education. We support this philosophy as we have watched it ring true over and over, within the walls of our own buildings and extending out to those we partner with. Anyone can be a leader, it just takes that magical blend of service, sacrifice, and love. And amongst those in the RMS family, we recognize those qualities in spades. 

Are you a leader? Tell us about your leadership in the comments below. 

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