RMS Roller Grinder is a company based on people. From the owner, Alex Pearson, to every employee in operations and on the field, a thread of integrity, loyalty, and a sense of ownership runs uninterrupted throughout.

When Alex took over the company, he saw it as an opportunity to grow the company into the innovative and progressive roller grinder organization it is today. He valued the potential growth in all its current employees at the time, as well as the upcoming innovators he envisioned arriving as the company continued to evolve. Promotions are a normal occurrence within the staff as a result of hard work and dedication to the company mission: relationships and ingenuity.

Whether it is magnets and gravity that remove foreign material from your grind or the grist mill for the perfect distilling process, RMS provides for every necessary product you anticipate needing for your particle size reduction. Because it is, after all, about you, the customer. Add to the highest quality machinery their top notch team of experts, from sales to service, and you have a roller grinder company that is people centered, service led, and therefore unmatched in our industry

If RMS Roller Grinder has a single mission it is to remain innovative not just in its approach to machinery and products but also to service and to connections

We do much more than rolling and grinding. Check out our brewing solutions website to see how we are building relationships there as well.

Agriculture Products

Often, roller grinder machines, grist mills, cracker mills, roller mills, and micro mills, even customized equipment, does not meet the actual, real time needs of the consumer.

For years now, RMS Roller Grinder has been on a mission to solve that problem.

We design, build, and service machines made to client specifications that do what you need them to, every time, without fail.

What Sets Us Apart?

Grease Banks

We put our grease banks on the front of the roller mill so it can be greased while running, to reduce downtime.

Cooling Vents

The diamond pattern in our panel doors helps ventilate the roller mill for faster cooling and longer machine life. It also means you can see inside the roller mill while it’s running for easy inspection.

Pull Out Magnets & Customized Scalpers

Strong plate-style magnets pull out for easy cleaning and give you full protection from metal objects entering the mill. Also, scalpers can be customized to your specs to prevent objects larger than 9/16″ from passing to the rolls. From grist mill to micromill, we’ve got you covered.

Less Dust

Great peace of mind. No dust particle buildup to spark or ignite, which can lead to explosions. Our sample ports are dust-free and can be found on the bottom of the roller mill for easy access.

Motor Choices

RMS offers choices for your roller mill motor(s). We have XP (explosion proof) motors for indoor use and TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motors for outdoor use. Both are built for high demand applications and can be fitted to run at any voltage.

Direct Drive

Our roll design puts less stress on the roll shaft and bearings. That means better alignment, even product distribution, and greater reliability for your grist mill, malt mill, roller mill, you name it. Our rolls are precision machined in-house to help extend roll life and save you money.

Easy Access Roll Adjustment

With our roll adjustment apparatus on the front of the machine, you can quickly adjust roll gap on the fly to switch from one product to another. Plus, fine adjustment threads offer more grind precision and accuracy from your roller mill.

Fewer Moving Parts

Compared to the competition, we have approximately half the number of moving parts per set of rolls. With the front roll being the only one that moves during adjustments, you have less chance for error. RMS roller mills are designed with the end-user in mind!

Thicker Steel

We build our roller mills with thicker steel and enclose as much as possible to keep dust to an absolute minimum. Safety is a top priority!

Double Sided Grooved Belts

Conventional double-sided belt drives slip, stretch and generate heat. RMS double-sided belts have grooves to prevent those problems, leaving you with fewer maintenance issues and lower cost of owning your roller mill.

Feed Rolls

Our optional feed roll starts and stops product flow and distributes it evenly into the grinding rolls. In case of a power outage, it’s engineered to automatically stop product flow to prevent costly backups of your 2-roll mill, 4-roll mill, single pair roller mill, or double pair roller mill.

Made in USA

Ready to discuss the products right for your rolling, grinding, or cracking needs?

We do much more than rolling and grinding.
Check out our brewing solutions website to see how we are building relationships there as well.