We’re Nothing Without Our Clients

It is the month of Christmas, of Hanukkah, of Kwanzaa, and so many other wonderful holidays across the country that celebrate the most important spirit in the world: love. From love flows everything we all work so hard for – heroism, patriotism, work ethic, service, generosity, charity, help, and more. RMS Roller Grinder is a company built on these ideals. It is what we get up and go to work every morning for – from the owner down to the newest hire. As such, we want to send out a message to all of our partners that we appreciate you. 

We’re Nothing Without Our Clients

While there are many businesses – indeed entire industries – run on creating a demand or a problem and then selling the solution, RMS is proud to have been founded on the idea that we can provide a solution to a real problem that already exists in the world. 

We looked around and noticed an absence of top quality, American made and serviced, roller mills available for our customers. And then we built this company from the ground up to meet that demand. 

From the very first client who put their trust in a little startup service company to the most recent feed mill that welcomed our equipment, we would not be here without you. You are everything to us. You keep our business well oiled like our machines, you keep our families fed, and you keep our engineers on the top of their game, fighting and innovating in a highly competitive market. It is all thanks to you that we are who we are, because we are working for you. 

All We Ask

In return for the services we provide, beyond the obvious monetary aspects involved, all RMS ever asks of its clients is loyalty and word of mouth commentary, and you have delivered that in spades. We have been enormously grateful over these past years to hear from you how happy you are with your equipment and with the over and above service we provide. We also love hearing from new clients who have been referred by you. It has truly been an honor. 

So as we close this year out, breaking bread with our loved ones and raising our glasses in toasts to our friends, we just wanted to say thank you one last time this year. Thank you for your business. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your glowing recommendations. 

We look forward to exceeding your expectations even more in the coming year. 

If you need assistance with your machines or are looking to invest in new or used roller mill equipment, call RMS today for a discovery session. 

We love to hear from you.