It’s not an easy choice to make, right? And often, we don’t have to. We can do both. We can provide both quality and quantity. But, when it does actually come down to it, RMS Roller Grinder opts for quality over quantity. And we have found, over the years working with our partners in industry, from agricultural feed store owners and farmers to steel manufacturers, that you all do, too. Quality over quantity is the only way to run a good, long lasting, truly successful business. 

Everything Has a Cost

It is a truth that it has taken us one hundred years, if not two hundred years, to figure out in this world. From the moment we began producing materials and goods in factories and along assembly lines, we also began calculating just how far we could push the quantity factor. We discovered just how devastating it could be to a company to flood the market with products. Prices drop and so does revenue. We also found out what happens when supplies are scarce and we raise prices too high. Clients look elsewhere and revenue, once again, drops. We have come to realize that we must find the sweet spot between meeting demand with the perfect amount of supply at a competitive cost. Because everything has a cost. 

The People Have Decided that Quality Matters

The greatest cost, perhaps, is failing to provide quantity. You can make a million widgets, but if your widgets fall apart quickly, breaking down in the new owner’s hands, people will lose faith in your product, your company, and your brand. It is an over time cost that catches up to everyone, no matter what. Your company fails when you do not provide value. 

There is a reason companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Levi’s have lasted so long as brand names. The product is high quality, and people know it, and people talk about it. Word of mouth is everything. 

RMS Puts Quality First

Which is why RMS has made it a mission to provide a quality product. Our machines are made in the USA, with US materials, designed and built by American workers. We also provide servicing for our machines to all of our clients as a guarantee that your equipment will last. We have earned our reputation as a manufacturer of quality goods and services, and we strive to earn your word of mouth. We could easily push out more machines built in factories overseas at cut rate prices. But then we could not guarantee and service those machines, and we would be falling short of the quality expectations of our clientele. And we just will not do that. 

Quality over quantity, every single time. 

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