Standard Roller Mill Features – All of RMS’s mills are designed and built with the customers’ experience in mind. RMS solely focuses on roller mills and knows firsthand what it takes to operate, maintain, and service your equipment. We have been building and servicing roller mills since the early 1980’s, providing us valuable insight.

Single Pair Crackers

RMS’s single pair crackers are ideal for breaking down grains or other products into multiple pieces while minimizing the number of fines. Our machines are customizable for different grains and products achieving ideal particle distribution. With a wide array of sizes, capacities, and options, RMS’s single pair crackers can be used in numerous applications. Connect with one of RMS’s experienced team members to discuss your unique application.
12×30 Single Pair Cracker
Single Pair Cracker – #2 Yellow Corn – (4-5) Pieces Crack
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×65(1) 5HP
9×1210-12(1) 10HP
9×1812-15(1) 15HP
9×2420-25(1) 15HP
9×3025-30(1) 20HP
9×3635-40(1) 20HP
12×2430-40(1) 20HP
12×3040-50(1) 20HP
12×3670(1) 25HP
12×4280(2) 20HP
12×52100(2) 25HP
12×72140(2) 30HP

Double Pair Crackers

RMS’s double pair crackers are ideal for soy applications. The robust design allows for maximum uptime and throughput. Double pair crackers are available in multiple sizes and capacities. They are a workhorse in any soy application. RMS’s crackers can help keep your facility up and operating at peak performance. Give our knowledgeable team a call and discuss your specific application.
12×30 Double Pair Cracker


RMS’s crumblers are ideal for resizing pelleted material while minimizing fines. Our crumblers are often found in poultry, swine, aquaculture, and other mineral applications. RMS’s crumblers are built robust and come standard with RMS’s longer lasting Endurance Rolls and bearings. Our knowledge and experience will help you find that perfect crumbler for your application.
12×42 Single Pair Crumbler
Crumbler – 11/64″ Pellets
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×368-12(1) 15HP
12×3012-16(1) 15HP
12×3616-20(1) 20HP
12×5225-30(1) 30HP
12×7235-40(1) 40HP

Single Pair Mill

RMS’s single pair mills are ideal for applications where a course grind consistency is required. Typical micron targets for a single pair mill range from 3,000 to 1,200 microns. These mills are diverse enough to handle any course grind applications. Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs.
12×30 Single Pair Mill
Single Pair Roller Mill – #2 Yellow Corn – 1200 Micron
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×61.5(1) 5HP
9×123(1) 10HP
9×184(1) 15HP
9×245.5(1) 20HP
9×307.5(1) 25HP
9×369.5(1) 30HP
12×2410(1) 30HP
12×3012.5(1) 40HP
12×3615(2) 25HP
12×4218(2) 30HP
12×5222(2) 40HP
12×7230(2) 50HP

Double Pair Mill

RMS’s double pair mills are ideal when targeting a micron size of 700 or greater! The double pair mill can process many different types of materials and will consistently achieve your desired particle size.
12×30 Double Pair Mill
Double Pair Roller Mill – #2 Yellow Corn – 700 Micron
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×61.6(2) 5HP
9×123.2(2) 10HP
9×186(2) 15HP
9×248(2) 20HP
9×3010(2) 25HP
9×3612(2) 30HP
12×2416(2) 30HP
12×3020(2) 40HP
12×3624(2) 50HP
12×4228(2) 60HP
12×5236(2) 75HP
12×7248(2) 100HP

Triple Pair Mill

RMS’s triple pair mills are the work horse of all roller mills. These mills can be used to grind many different products with many different grind profiles from Crack (4-5 pieces) down to 500 microns. If your application requires multiple grind profiles from a single machine, let our experienced team help you determine if a triple pair mill is right for you!
12×30 Triple Pair Mill
Triple Pair Roller Mill – #2 Yellow Corn – 500 Micron
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×61.6(3) 5HP
9×123.2(3) 10HP
9×186(3) 15HP
9×248(3) 20HP
9×3010(3) 25HP
9×3612(3) 30HP
12×2416(3) 30HP
12×3020(3) 40HP
12×3624(2) 50HP & (2) 25HP
12×4228(2) 60HP & (2) 30HP
12×5236(2) 75HP & (2) 40HP
12×7248(2) 100HP & (2) 50HP

Quad Pair Mill

RMS’s quad pair mills are great for applications where you are looking for finely ground product. These machines are capable of continuously hitting 375-micron all day long. Tired of hassling with those silly old hammer mills that suck up tons of energy, are so loud you cannot think, and puke dust everywhere? Give our experienced team a call and let them help determine if a quad pair roller mill is right for your application.
12×30 Quad Pair Mill
Quad Pair Roller Mill – #2 Yellow Corn – 375 Micron
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×123.2(4) 10HP
9×186(4) 15HP
9×248(4) 20HP
9×3010(4) 25HP
9×3612(4) 30HP
12×2416(4) 30HP
12×3020(4) 40HP
12×3624(4) 50HP
12×4228(4) 60HP
12×5236(4) 75HP
12×7248(4) 100HP


RMS’s VersaMill® is the definition of Versatility. For those application that require a wide array of grind specification or need of ultimate control, RMS’s VersaMill® is that go to machine. This mill comes in the same sizes and capacities of our standard roller mills but with capability to maximize your grinding application. With customer/process requirements continuously changing “FUTURE PROOF” your grinding operation is with an RMS VersaMill®.

12×42 VersaMill®