At RMS Roller Grinder, one of our most treasured and staunchly adhered to values is that of ownership. Call us old school American. We believe that there is deep integrity and intense worth in hard work, in bringing a kind of service oriented spirit to whatever work you do. It is the true definition of ownership. We believe, in short, that ownership is leadership. Why? Because the best and truest form of leadership is leadership by example. Modeling. Sure, there will always be those in the world who are not seeking advancement, who are not interested in climbing the corporate ladder or even in taking on increased responsibility. But that does not mean those people are not still invested in putting in a hard day’s work and feeling good about meeting the work day with everything they’ve got. 

This is, to us, the real American spirit, and it is a spirit we encourage and reward. 

Sure, naysayers abound who have experienced the corporate system that talks about ownership when what it really refers to is hustle culture. Basically, the company wants its employees to “own” the work they do by working hard for the company, but that same company does not recognize or reward the hard work, much less empower the leaders and “owners.” Over time this kind of one sided top down hierarchy leads to embittered employees who will work double time just to see the company fail. We’ve all seen those kinds of companies, most of us have worked for them, and we all accept the inevitable fall of those perceived titans. 

RMS has worked hard for more than a decade to insure against that kind of cold, hard hearted approach to business. We recruit people interested in the business of people, we train from a service led perspective, and we promote from within. We also make it a priority to build relationships with our customers, to adapt our company to the changes within the market, and we place customer service and client satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. An approach we know can only be perfected with supremely contented employees. 

In short, every single person we work with, from our latest hire to our most seasoned employee, from our lowest paid staff member to our CEO and Executive Managers, is an owner at RMS, and we work with companies both large and small that place that same emphasis on ownership. Own the work you do, take responsibility for the product you create and sell, and be accountable for the result of your labor. Whether you are seeking advancement or just a steady paycheck and appreciation, ownership is leadership, and it is a quality we are proud to say runs strong through the RMS family. 

How are you taking ownership of your work today? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.