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The two RMS technicians who visited on-site after the machine was delivered were fantastic! They helped us get the machine going in addition to training us on standard use as well as important grind adjustments.

Tom Bartalucci
VP of Engineering
Plantable Foods

RMS is progressive in technology, listens to their customers’ needs, and their team is very knowledgeable.

Tom Rubrake
Synergy Feeds
Edgerton, Indiana

As with any new technology you are always wondering if this will be as reliable as older processing. The versa mill has been significantly more reliable, and we along with RMS are adapting to increase its reliability.

Chuck Anderson
Eichelberger Milling, inc.

Great Experience! Service is just as good as the equipment. No better machine out there. People are great to work with. Easy machine to adjust for ourselves to maintain our grind size

Mid State Milling

I would definitely recommend RMS to others in our industry. Their tireless efforts to listen to their customers to improve the milling process and find the best solution with each individual mill is impressive. The quality and service we continue to see has made RMS an easy choice for our milling needs.

Dan Berkner
Mill Manager
Protein Sources Milling




RMS’s VersaMill® is the definition of Versatility. For those application that require a wide array of grind specification or need of ultimate control, RMS’s VersaMill® is that go to machine. This mill comes in the same sizes and capacities of our standard roller mills but with capability to maximize your grinding application. With customer/process requirements continuously changing “FUTURE PROOF” your grinding operation is with an RMS VersaMill®.