Many companies take highly competitive approaches to stay alive in their industries. Some cut rates. Others cut staff. Some even cut corners. At RMS Roller Grinder, we have learned over the years that the most effective approach we can take to staying alive in our field is to keep our clients happy. And how do we do that? By remaining innovative. We take a multi pronged approach to innovation, ensuring that we are pleasing our clients on as many levels as possible. Because the truth is, as anyone in business knows, that you either innovate, or you die. 

A Quality Product for a Quality Client

Word of mouth is essential to the survival of any business. Look at any company in the world, and you will see it is successful and has longevity precisely because its customers are loyal and they spread the word. Why? In most industries, and certainly in the roller grinder industry, it is because of a quality product. Customers love products that last and last. Perhaps a few repairs or regular maintenance is necessary over the years, but after a decade, you want a machine to still be functioning like it did on day one. A decade after that, you want the same. 

RMS builds its machines in the United States of America, with top quality, extra thick steel. We keep our machines user friendly and with the fewest moving parts possible. We understand the value of “less is more.” We have continued to innovate with our machines over the years, keeping our clients happy, which in turn encourages them to spread the word. 

Not Too Cheap

Because we make our machines with top quality materials, using the most innovative technology, and employing highly skilled American workers, our machines are not cheap. We are not the most expensive roller grinder company on the market, but we also are not the cheapest. And we are okay with that. Part of innovation is accepting that those loyal clients who want to offer their own clients innovative and quality products are more than willing to pay for a product they can rely on. 

Efficient, effective, and almost effortless, RMS roller mills exceed expectations every single time. There are not many machine companies that can stand by a promise like that. That’s true innovation. 

Service with a Smile

Finally, and certainly not lower in priority, RMS offers superior customer service. We have our finger on the pulse, and we really listen. Our staff, from our executives down to our newest engineer or service tech, is dedicated to keeping the humanity in our company. People matter to us. You are the heart of our company, and we simply would not exist without you. Innovate or die, to us, really means that we remain always just ahead of client demands, so that we meet your needs before you even realize you have them. We don’t just offer customer service. We are passionate about it. 

Innovate or Die

We are alive and well and moving forward with new ideas and innovations thanks to you, our clients. RMS exists because we get the supreme pleasure of serving our customers, and we are proud of that legacy. Our approach may be a little unorthodox today, but once upon a time it was the American way. It is our hope that we can lead by example, and see other machine companies, and indeed companies across industries, follow suit. In this way, the good working people of this country can once again rely on the businesses they support with their hard earned dollars. 

If you want to hear more about how we innovate at RMS, head over to our website and browse around. If you’re interested in booking a discovery session with one of our sales executives, give us a call today (605) 368 – 9007.