Craft Distillery Equipment

Craft distilleries have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike venturing into the world of craft spirits. From small-batch whiskey to artisanal gin, craft distilleries are known for their focus on quality and attention to detail.

However, behind every successful craft distillery lies a well-equipped production facility. Craft distillery equipment is essential for both the quality of your final product and for establishing efficiency in your production process.

What are the key components of quality distillery equipment, and what should distilleries look for when investing in this crucial aspect of their business?

Proper Milling Equipment

The milling process plays a critical role in extracting flavors, aromas, and sugars from grains. Choosing the right type of equipment for your craft distillery is essential to ensure consistency, efficiency, and the highest quality in your spirits.

When looking for the right milling equipment, consider the following:

Production Volume and Milling Efficiency

Consider the scale of your craft distillery and the targeted production volume. If you plan to operate on a smaller scale, a smaller mill may suffice. For larger production volumes, investing in a higher-capacity mill can help meet demand efficiently.

When dealing with greater volumes of grain, look for milling equipment that can handle a high throughput without sacrificing the quality of the end product. Efficient milling equipment will help you streamline your production process and save on time and energy costs.

Grinding Consistency and Mill Settings

Consistency in grinding is essential to extracting the desired flavors and sugars from the grains. Look for milling equipment that allows you to control the particle size and achieve a consistent grind. This will enable you to carefully tune the extraction process, resulting in consistent flavor profiles in your spirits.

Flexibility in adjusting the milling settings is vital. Different spirits may require different levels of milling, such as coarse milling for bourbon or fine milling for vodka. Ensure that the milling equipment you choose offers adjustable settings to accommodate various milling requirements for different spirits, depending on your needs.

Maintenance and Durability

Take into account the maintenance requirements and durability of the milling equipment. Look for a piece of equipment that is easy to clean and maintain to ensure consistent performance. However, it’s also essential to consider the service and support offered by the manufacturer. You want a company that stands behind its machinery and is there to support you should something go wrong.

Efficient Conveyance Systems

Part of optimizing your distilling process is choosing the right grain conveyance system. Whether you need a simple way to transport grain or a more complex system, conveyance matters for your craft distillery equipment.

When looking for a grain handling system, look for conveyance options that are durable, reliable, and affordable. The speed of the system matters as well, so determine how important speed is to your conveyance process.

Whether you need to pull grain from storage bins or move bulk bags up and down, choosing the best method for your needs is essential.

Automatic Control Systems

To produce high-quality spirits, it’s important to have precise control over the distillation process. Automating your process with an automatic control system can help your distillery simplify the processes of weighing, transferring, milling, and conveying. It can also ensure consistency, and aid in quality control and recipe development.

Automatic control systems pave the way for consistency and quality in craft spirits. When looking for the right control system, look for these standard features:

  • Hardware and software that can be customized
  • Data logging capabilities for stored batch records and reports
  • Remote access so the manufacturer can service the machine form anywhere

Storage Equipment

Properly storing grain and other ingredients is essential for craft distilleries. When investing in storage equipment, it’s important to consider your storage needs. For example, do you often buy grain in bulk, or do you need storage in a space with minimal square footage?

Storage equipment can range from bulk silos to bag racks to grist cases in poly and steel. The right storage for your distillery will also depend on your conveyance system. You can even look for those that can be integrated with your automatic control system to simplify storage, weighing, and conveyance, as well as inventory management.

Weighing and Scales

Scales are necessary to weigh grain and ensure ingredient accuracy and product consistency. Whether you’re looking for a standalone scale or an automated solution, the right craft distillery equipment is available.

Look for scales with an unlimited weight range, especially if your distillery handles large amounts of grain. You should also look for guaranteed accuracy, tight tolerances, and custom hardware options when choosing the right weighing equipment.

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