Great Minds Think, and Work, Alike

One of the qualities we value most in our clients in the agriculture feed is the conscientiousness you bring to caring for your equipment. At RMS Roller Grinder, we design, build, and sell new equipment. We ensure our machines and all of their parts arrive to you in top quality condition. We also set up the equipment and train you to care for it. This last piece of the process is probably the most critical. Why? Because it relates to the lifetime endurance of your equipment. Your equipment stays like new for years and years because you care for it so well. We can only do so much. We show you what to do and how to do it to maintain high quality. But you follow through. We have heard back from our clients over the years, sometimes with questions, sometimes for assistance, but always to let us know your equipment is still in top order, as long as you keep it that way. Great minds think, and work, alike, and we partner with people who take pride in the quality of your equipment. 

This month, as we all gear up for more time with family, for the holidays, for the season of giving, RMS wants to give you, our treasured clients, a few tips for keeping your equipment in top quality shape. Many of you may already be following all of these maintenance protocols, while some may be new to this information. 

A Refresher in RMS Equipment: 

Clean Your Magnets

Cleaning your magnets is essential to keeping your equipment in excellent working order. They need to be kept clean in order to ensure your feed or any other product you are grinding stays consistent and so you eliminate any potential for damage from objects getting between the rolls. 

Cleaning your magnets correctly is essential because if you don’t, the potential for damage is great. All you really need to do is remove the magnet, clean it off, and replace it, and you’re done. Be sure to check with your RMS technician for our exact protocols. 

Parallel and Zero Your Rolls

Your rolls are a critical piece of the particle size puzzle. Properly paralleled and zeroed rolls will all but guarantee you get a more consistent grind and longer lasting roll life. In the milling process, especially if you are rolling and grinding a lot, the rolls will naturally begin to shift out of place. In the long term, if the rolls are not regularly paralleled and set back to zero, it will create inefficiencies. 

Your RMS Team Member would have trained you when your equipment arrived to parallel and zero your rolls. If for any reason you missed out on this training, or the original person trained on the equipment is no longer with your company and able to train others, contact RMS at your earliest convenience, and we will get you fully trained on the process to keep your machine up and running at maximum efficiency. 

Keep a Regular Greasing Schedule

All machinery should be greased regularly in order to keep it running smoothly. Remember that your equipment has many moving parts, all of which depend heavily on proper lubrication. RMS will establish a greasing schedule with you for your specific machine, and if you can get onto a daily lubrication schedule, even better. 

Think of your machine the way we think of our bodies. We need 8 glasses of water to keep everything running efficiently. Your equipment needs regular grease. 

Clean Grain Is Key

All of this regular maintenance for your equipment will provide you with a consistent grind in the end. And since our partners in brewing, distilling, ag feed, ethanol, and more, are all producing food grade grain for consumption – by animals or humans – your goal is to get the highest quality of grind possible, so you can offer a superior product. 

So you can count on return business and word of mouth advertisement from your customers. 

And then, we all win. 

If you need help getting your machines serviced or are looking for new or used equipment, contact RMS Roller Grinder today to schedule a discovery session. Great minds think, and work, alike. And we look forward to continuing to work with you.