A convenient way to receive bulk delivery of your grain, bulk bag stands (also called bulk bag racks or super sack storage) are an economical solution when you have space or capacity requirements that can’t justify a bulk silo. Multiple loading options are available, and multiple super sack stands can be used in tandem to load base or specialty grains. You can also configure your bulk bag stand with load cells and automation for simple weighing and processing.


– Adjustable height forklift load
– Cantilever Style eliminates the need for a forklift (includes manual and electric hoist options)
– Multiple sizes available
– Solid construction
– Can incorporate multiple conveyance systems
– Easily tie-in with control systems for precise measurement


Choosing the right storage equipment can reduce unsafe or ineffective handling and instead streamline grain measuring, hoisting, and transportation for improved operational efficiency and cost savings.


Bulk bag stands provide safer storage for grain rather than loose sacks, as they prevent damage from light, heat, and moisture and provide protection against pests. A bulk bag stand allows you to purchase in bulk and safely store your materials without the expense or space demands for a silo.


Bulk bag racks require less upfront cost than silos, allowing you to have a minimal upfront investment for your particular storage capacity requirements and also reducing the cost per pound of your grain. In addition, should you choose our Cantilever Style bags, you won’t need a forklift to do the heavy lifting.


One of the best advantages of a bulk bag rack is that it’s especially convenient when you are short on space as it allows you to maximize vertical storage. The convenient size options and adjustable height forklift load feature make it easier, safer, and more effective for your team to load bags and transport and discharge grain.


With simple integration with automated control systems, you can automatically and accurately weigh your bulk bag unit as necessary. You can also integrate multiple conveyance systems into your super sack storage, meaning you won’t have to purchase new equipment or install new systems just to safely unload bulk storage.

Understanding If a Bulk Bag Rack Is the Best Option for Your Grain Storage

Compared to large-scale storage such as silos, a bulk bag stand provides a more flexible storage option for square footage, for discharging, and for the transportation of grain. Bulk bag racks may be the best option for your grain storage needs if you:

  • Are looking for ways to save money on your grain costs 
  • Want to make a minimal upfront investment into your grain storage
  • Would like to reduce the labor of adding bags of grain by hand
  • Have multiple base malts you use on a regular basis

Our experienced and knowledgeable team at RMS Roller-Grinder is here to help you understand all your storage options based on your layout, budget, and operations. Let us help you decide if super sack storage is the best choice for your particular needs. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more.

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