Please consult an animal nutrition specialist before making any significant changes to your animals’ diet. 

It doesn’t require a background in agriculture to know that cows can eat a lot. In real numbers, a mature cow can eat 2.5 to 3.0% of its body weight in dry-matter feed each day. Everyday, just one 1,000-pound beef cow could consume up to 30 pounds of dry-matter feed. Corn is commonly used to meet these hefty dietary needs. Although farmers can feed whole corn to cows and other animals, there are added nutritional benefits to rolling the corn before you give it to your livestock. 

If you are going to grind your feed corn to get those better results, then you will need to grind a large volume of corn. For such important work, all aspects of your particle size reduction equipment must be considered to maximize the quality and productivity in your grain processing. It shouldn’t require a lot of extra effort or expense to ensure you receive these benefits.

A well-planned, well-built milling system will save you time and money by increasing the efficiency and output of your feed mill operation. Whether you’re investing in a roller mill for corn for the first time or purchasing an additional grinder to expand your current milling application, RMS can provide you with a machine that will maximize productivity and quality in your grain processing. 

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Different Corn Roller Mill Options

With so many options available, a roller mill for corn is not a one-size-fits-all purchase. To determine the best machine for your application, you need to consider which one will produce the most consistent results for your unique needs. A reliable feed roller mill is a highly important element to ensure you are producing the most nutritious feed for your livestock.

RMS livestock roller mills have built a solid reputation of dependability in the grain processing industry. Our machine’s consistent performance and our technician’s dedicated service support beef cattlemen, dairymen, and feed mills across the country. 

Check out the different models below to learn more about our innovative engineering and various configurations that allow you to gain more from your grain.

Farmer holding corn grains in his hands
A front view of an RMS Single Pair Mill

Single Pair Mill

Ideal for applications where a coarse grind consistency is required.

A front view of an RMS Double Pair Mill

Double Pair Mill

Ideal for applications targeting a micron size of 700 or greater.

A front view of an RMS Triple Pair Mill

Triple Pair Mill

Ideal for applications requiring multiple grind profiles from a single machine.

A front view of an RMS Quad Pair Mill

Quad Pair Mill

Ideal for applications requiring finely-ground products.

If you need assistance determining which machine is the best for your application, call RMS today at (605) 368-9007!

Black Angus Cows Eating Corn in a Trough

Helpful Accessories for a Consistent Grind

In addition to livestock roller mills, we offer innovative roller mill accessories to help increase machine uptime and protect your investment. Most roller mill accessories, such as the ones listed below, can be retrofitted to different makes and models of roller mills.

  • Scalpers
  • Feedrolls
  • Automatic Magnet Systems
  • Bearing Monitoring Systems
  • Automatic Greasing Systems
  • Roll Gap & AccuGap® Controls
  • Roller Mill Controls

From supplying remote roll adjustment to offering roller mill maintenance, RMS is dedicated to making our customers’ jobs easier. We are committed to helping you increase your machine’s uptime and protect your investment. 


RMS Roller-Grinder builds and services roller mills and roll mill accessories for our customers’ unique applications. Whatever your business size or output requirements, we will partner with you to deploy not only a top-quality machine, but the best solution for your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure you receive the best and most reliable products and support. 

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