A front view of an RMS Single Pair Cracker

12×30 Single Pair Cracker

RMS’s single pair crackers are ideal for breaking down grains or other products into multiple pieces while minimizing the number of fines. Our machines are customizable for different grains and products achieving ideal particle distribution. With a wide array of sizes, capacities, and options, RMS’s single pair crackers can be used in numerous applications. Connect with one of RMS’s experienced team members to discuss your unique application.

Single Pair Cracker – #2 Yellow Corn

Capacity Rating at (4-5) Piece Crack
SizeCapacity – TPHRequired Horse Power
9×65(1) 5HP
9×1210-12(1) 10HP
9×1812-15(1) 15HP
9×2420-25(1) 15HP
9×3025-30(1) 20HP
9×3635-40(1) 20HP
12×2430-40(1) 20HP
12×3040-50(1) 20HP
12×3670(1) 25HP
12×4280(2) 20HP
12×52100(2) 25HP
12×72140(2) 30HP

Made in the USA