A Corn Cracker Machine Helps Develop Stronger, Healthier Cattle

Farmers across America (beef, dairy, feed mills, etc.) have discovered the benefits of feeding their animals high-quality cracked corn. Studies consistently show that cracking corn prior to feeding can increase digestibility by up to 10 percent. However, if the grind is too fine it can adversely affect the animals. Benefits don’t come merely from running grain through a corn cracker to a random particle size. The correct grind profiles must be achieved and maintained to obtain optimal results.

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It’s Necessary for High-Moisture Corn Cracking Applications

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information further suggests that high-moisture corn can be an even better supplement for grazing cows than dry grain. The reason stated in the article is that high-moisture corn can potentially provide “more metabolizable energy and microbial protein due to more fermentable and digestible starch.”

However, the University of Wisconsin clarified in another article that a well-developed, high-moisture corn system is what offers the most benefits for beef or dairy cattle producers. This includes harvest timing, processing (grinding), storage conditions, and feeding management.

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Do you need to break down grains or other products into multiple pieces while minimizing the number of fine particles? RMS’s single pair crackers are ideal! This cracker mill can be customized for different grains and achieve optimal particle distribution for any unique operation.


These machines are ideal for soy applications and as a corn cracker! RMS’s double pair crackers are durably constructed to enable maximum uptime and throughput. Multiple grind sizes and capacities are available to ensure your system consistently runs at peak performance.

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