Cost Up Front Versus Cost Over Time

When it comes to any type of machinery or equipment that has moving parts, be it a car, a refrigerator, a tractor, even a television, you’re going to incur costs. The question, especially if we’re talking about equipment that helps you run your business, is not one of if you will pay. Rather, the question is when you will pay. At RMS Roller Grinder, we refer to this as cost up front versus cost over time. You’ll pay to ensure you have top quality equipment that is simple and easy to maintain, or you’ll pay for lower quality equipment and end up having to spend the money out over time, each time the equipment breaks down. 

Now, obviously, many more factors come into play when discussing machinery for your business. Particularly in the food product business, you want machinery that gets you the perfect grind, that eliminates debris and foreign objects, that you can set up once and walk away from, trusting your product will be perfect when you return. At RMS we provide the equipment that meets all of those needs and more. But, beyond all of the fine details of industry specific machinery for rolling and grinding your grains, your coffee, your pet food, or for your brewing and your distilling of a variety of products, you just want a machine you can rely on.

That’s where cost up front comes in to play, because the truth of the matter is, you are going to pay in the end, one way or another. At RMS, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with expertly designed and built equipment that will not break down on you. We are so sure of our engineering that we offer regular maintenance and servicing visits for a small fee to all of our clients, just to keep everything like the day you bought it. It is not the lowest priced equipment on the market, and we’re here to tell you that’s a good thing. Our machines are designed and built by Americans in America, the traditional, durable, American way, and that level of quality comes with a price our clients are happy to pay. The lowest priced equipment on the market is cheap for a reason. It will not only break down on you, leaving you with costly repairs to make, but it will break down when you least expect, in the middle of production, taking even more of your hard earned money by way of time and labor. 

So, in the end, it comes down to when you want to spend the money, up front for top quality or over the years on breakdown after frustrating breakdown. Our money, and our reputation, is on cost up front. We back our machines, so our machines can back you. 

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