With equipment in every state we are Local. EveryWhere.

There’s no guarantee you’ll create award winning beer or spirits with RMS equipment, but a lot of other people do.


It takes a good mill to make good whiskey! So glad to have you all as partners.

Kentucky Peerless Distillery

Thank you for all the help with the project. Mill is phenomenal, grind is excellent and has already shaved off 1.78 hours of milling time.

Six Mile Creek Distillery

We never have a problem with our mill. It just works. It’s always great to start brew day off right by using a piece of equipment that is dependable and works so well.

Obscure Brewing

It's nice to have a piece of machinery that I don't have to question whether or not it will work.

Jeremy Pryes, Pryes Brewing

The RMS team is super easy to get a hold of and the customer service has always been excellent.

Scott Hansing, Missouri River Brewing

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