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Sometimes you have to replace it. We know – it’s a hard pill to swallow. We are an American company that makes our products here in this great country. We believe in durability and longevity. We believe in the things that last. Like family. Like those real friendships. Like a great song. Like that book you read over and over. Like that epic film. Like great memories. Yes. We believe in making things that last, and in valuing things that last. But sometimes you have to let things go. Part of forward momentum in business is knowing when to throw in the towel on a product or service that does not work. Trust us, we have been in the machine design and construction business for many years, and we hate having to start over, to go back to the drawing board, but sometimes it is what is necessary for the progress we seek, for what is best for our clients. 

Big picture thinking for the future means that, though you may love a machine, be it your car or your roller grinder mill, sometimes you have to say goodbye, even if it has served you well in the past. Quite often, we come across clients still hanging on to those old mills, patching and repairing them on their own, or hoping to get a mechanic out who can wring one more good year out of it.

Let It Go

We at RMS Roller Grinder, home of top quality machines, are here to tell you it may be time to let that old machine go and invest in a new one. And not just because your old one just is not performing at optimum levels, getting you the product you really want to offer your own clients. We also want to remind you that a new machine from RMS means that in addition to a top quality product that comes out predictably perfect every single time, you also get the full service for life that you deserve. 

When you buy a new or used roller grinder mill with RMS, you get our techs, our repairmen, our sales and training team. You get a new family. Perhaps you already know this because you’ve purchased from us before. Maybe you’ve heard about us from a friend. It’s all true. We are here to serve you, and when you buy a machine from us, even as it ages, we have solutions, we have the experts on the job, and we make sure your equipment performs just like it did on day one throughout its life span. 

Big picture thinking in roller grinder machines sometimes means letting go of the old and welcoming the new. If you think you might be ready for that leap, reach out to one of our sales executives today and let’s get you started with a discovery session. American made. Built to last. Exceeding your expectations. Every time. 


It has never been about the machines. What you might not know about RMS Roller Grinder as a company, is that we were founded on the idea of people, not machines. Owner Alex Pearson and Sales Director Blake Sandness have overseen the growth of RMS from a handful of employees making and selling top quality equipment to a company with national reach by focusing on the people. You see, these guys, and each and every one of their employees, from the highest executives to the newest and greenest hire, know that when your primary focus is on people, everything else falls into place in spectacular ways. 

Top Quality Machines

The truth about top quality machines is that pretty much anyone with the drive can make them. RMS has been in the business of roller grinder machines that exceed expectations from day one. The difference between us and our competitors is not that we make better machines than they do, necessarily (though in many cases our equipment is superior for a variety of reasons). The difference, you see, between us and them is that we pour our heart and souls into the design and construction, the sales and the delivery, the maintenance and the servicing, of those machines because of people. By keeping people at the forefront of the company mission, we know we want to hire only service centered employees, including our engineers. 

Indeed, Blake himself was an engineer first at RMS, before stepping into his role as Sales Director. He knew then what he knows now, that the design is driven by client need, by functionality, by durability, and by longevity – all things essential to customer centered design. You can make a top quality machine that does not last, one that must be repaired regularly, even one that is not super user friendly. We all know companies that make high demand technology or machinery that leaves much to be desired. We wanted much more than that for our customers, for our legacy. 


The legacy of RMS will continue to be about people for the duration of our time in business, hopefully for many years to come. One of the key aspects to that legacy, along with top quality machines, is our commitment to innovation. We keep an ear to the ground at all times, so that we are aware of new technology and new discoveries related to the machines we make. 

What this approach to innovation means is that our company functions as a family. We are a family. Our service techs are in constant communication with our design team. Our design team has an open line of communication with our sales team. And so on. At each level of service and sales at RMS, we take ownership of the company’s commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations. If a service tech sees a problem with the equipment, they are sure to pass it on to our design team. If our design engineers are preparing a new design, they will put the word out to our sales team, so our sales team can discuss ideas with our customers. We innovate for our clients, because of our clients, and with our clients. The family oriented culture at RMS ensures it. 

Not Just the Client 

To be clear, while the client is our top priority, people are our only priority. We do not forget that our employees are people, too. We know that happy employees lead to happy clients, in more ways than one, so we focus not just on client satisfaction, but also on employee satisfaction. Our team members matter to us. We listen to our staff and value their input. We hire from within whenever possible, and when we hire from outside the company, we seek feedback on those hiring decisions from our existing staff. We care about our employees because they are the heart and soul of our company, and they put their heart and soul into their work for our clients. Everybody wins. 

In the end, what you might not know about RMS, is that while we have grown, while we have expanded, and while we have innovated beyond our wildest dreams, we have done it all for and because of our people. RMS quite literally stands for exceeding our customer’s expectations through providing exceptional quality in a sustainable way and from a family oriented culture. We love our people. We just thought you should know. 


It is long past the time to begin empowering each other across our great land. Businesses and employees, clients and potential clients. We seem to have forgotten our American nature, to band together for the greater good, for all of our futures. Turn on the news, listen to any radio talk show, or eavesdrop on any dinner conversation around the country, and you’ll find people talking about the value of hard work. Since the pandemic struck, it seems two schools of thought exist, and perhaps those schools were brewing long before COVID reared its ugly head.

Two Sides?

There is the one side that expects regular unemployment checks to extend out to infinity, propping up an economy that is not doing so well. Obviously, that thinking comes from not wanting people to go hungry, to lose their homes or the roofs over their heads, or to lose the ability to feed their children. Fair enough. We don’t want that either. The other side laments the lack of good workers in this country. Want ads abound, businesses are desperate for reliable workers, crops are dying on the vine, and some companies are having to close their doors for good. All because, they say, kids these days don’t want to work, and many workers have no incentive to go back to work when they receive a paycheck from the government that does not seem to be going away. And we say, again, fair enough. This reality is undeniable. 

It’s Business 

To be clear, this post is not political in nature. It is American in nature. It is business in nature. It is humanity in nature. We support our American workers. And we can see both sides of the debate. An unending stream of unemployment and stimulus checks may stimulate the economy, but it will not stimulate American business. And yes, a lack of work ethic does seem to be bleeding into many young people. But, and here is the big caveat, we believe that the backbone of American pride and integrity still stands strong. We can say that without reservation because we are on the ground every single day with American workers, both RMS employees and our partners and clients in business. Enough of that spirit, call it “old school” if you will, exists to spread across our nation and stimulate our fellow countrymen. We believe this stimulus can be done by empowering each other. 

Empowering Each Other

We support our employees and our partners, our clients and our friends, by leading by example and by celebrating others who do the same. If our clients are any evidence, and we believe they are, then it is clear that people, for the most part, want a purpose, they want to work for something, and they want to believe in something. Each of us has a responsibility to our fellow men and women to show them that there is still much here to believe in, to work for, to find purpose in. When we do this, lead by example, we empower each other to do the same. 

Our partners across the country, our farmers, shop owners, ag feed producers, brewers, and distillers, embody the American spirit, and we want to take this moment to celebrate them and all the men and women out there like them. And believe us out here on the ground, the news, the radio talk shows, the podcasts, and social media do not see what we see. Good, hard working people, putting in an honest day’s work, putting food on the table, and putting people first. We are in the majority, and we are here to empower each other. We believe the American spirit is alive and well and right in front of us every day. We only have to open our eyes. 

Call Us Today

If you are ready to get your roller grinder equipment up and running, and you’re ready to partner with an American company proud of our clients and our employees, give us a call today. Let’s empower each other. 


At RMS Roller Grinder, we pride ourselves, above all else, on our ability to form and sustain partnerships. It is fascinating that in this day and age of progress and innovation, the concept of working together seems to be lost on so many corporations. It is not mere nostalgia to say that, in America, we used to build things, and we built them to last, and that building included partnerships. We took handshakes seriously, we valued our employees, who valued their work, and we valued our clients, who stuck by us and spread the names of their favored businesses throughout the land. Now, in the age of globalism, many feel the weight of what it means to be adrift in a sea of nameless, faceless customer service. Or, should we say, the absence of customer service? 

RMS – Not Like the Competition

Sure, superior products are made every day. In fact, you can get decent quality for a low price, especially if your product is outsourced and imported from another country, where wages are low and working conditions are less than desirable. This is not a knock against companies who outsource. For many, they feel it is the only way to do business, to stay in business, or to turn a profit. Nor is it a knock on the customers who buy those products. Many are trying desperately to stretch a paycheck, to put food on the table, and to get their kids new shoes for the school year. This post is not one of negativity, criticism, or slander. We know nothing changes by merely pointing out the dark side of change. What we hope to do, instead, is differentiate. 

At RMS Roller Grinder, we do things a bit differently. We design, build, and maintain our machines here in the United States, using as many American made products as possible, and drawing on American labor, paying fair wages and supporting the long term growth of our employees. By focusing in this way on American materials and labor,, we are partnering with our employees, building relationships that extend to the superior quality of our product. Why? 

Well, as numerous studies reflect, satisfied employees contribute to a better functioning company on all levels, across the board. And we at RMS are not the only company that has recognized that reality. Here’s just one site with a list of one hundred companies that make their products in the USA. 

Partnerships that Extend Out

The greatest byproduct of making our machines here and building partnerships with our employees, is that the partnership extends out to our clients. Those partnerships foster long term growth for us all. It means our machines are serviced by American workers, working closely with our clients to ensure the RMS experience is a good one. Our employees are the face of our company, especially our design team, our sales team, and our service techs, the ones building, selling, and serving our machines. These partners are on the front lines every day, to make sure our clients get more than their hard earned dollars’ worth. 

The Cycle of Good Business

The cycle of good business practice begins and ends with partnerships, and we repeat that healthy cycle by keeping those partnerships a top priority. We may not have a unique product (you can get a roller grinder machine similar to ours from another company), and we may not have the cheapest deals (because we pay American wages, we must charge American rates), but we have no doubt we build products that last and relationships that endure. And that is not something many companies can honestly say. 

If you’re looking for a new roller grinder machine or equipment for brewing or distilling, check out our website today, or give us a call for a discovery session. We look forward to partnering with you. 

Little Guys. Big Moves: How RMS Can Help.

RMS Brewing Solutions is a branch of our larger corporation, RMS Roller Grinder. So while we may not be a small company, we serve many small businesses, and believe it or not, all companies were small businesses once upon a time. Even us. We happen to be one of those companies that does not forget where we came from, and who got us here. We are happy to serve our partners in brewing and distilling, and we do that through superior customer service and top quality equipment. 

Brewing and Distilling 

We are proud to support several brewers and distillers across the country, in every state, and we want to reach out to let our partners both current and future know that we’ve got all the equipment you need to make the best beer, cider, or spirit possible. We are the grain handling experts, from silos to mills grist cases, and from specialty augers to flake hoppers, and beyond. How do we support small businesses? We stand by our product so you can stand by yours. 

You see, we were once a small business trying to make a name for ourselves, and we knew we had two cards up our sleeves, the best machines we could possibly conceive of and build, and service that stood out among our competitors. We got one client to believe in us, then another, and another, and another, and along the way, we kept our word, every time, we showed up when we said we would, every time, and we delivered, every time. 

Your Product Is Your Brand

Because we know what it’s like to be the little guy, we take your development and growth from the ground up seriously. Your product is your brand is your opportunity to grow. We help you get there by supplying the best products on the market for you to rely on to make your product.  

When you have an RMS machine, you can trust it will run smoothly and consistently every time. You can also trust that our service techs will not only train you in the use of the machinery, so you can get it right every time, but they will also leap at the chance to help you should you ever encounter a problem. We service our machines regularly, and they are built to last, so you can last. 

Whether you are a small brewery with no interest in expansion or a local distillery hoping to sell to the national and international markets, it all begins with the right equipment, and we’ve got that. 

Here’s to your success. 

Just getting started in the brewing or distilling business? Contact us today for a discovery session, and let’s figure out what’s right for you. 

Ag Feed and Beyond: More than Just Machines

RMS Roller Grinder has been proud to be part of the roller grinder industry for many years now, serving our partners in Ag Feed and Beyond with top quality machinery and customer service. Recently, we have found that in the digital age, top quality machinery is the expectation of our customers who truly care about the products they put onto the market, but with service this expectation seems to fall short. RMS hopes to change that, to raise those expectations, not just for us, but for everyone.

When we began, we were a simple company that met a simple straightforward need in the market: precision rolling and grinding, particle reduction, for agricultural feed. Situated fairly firmly in the midwest, we were in touch with our farmers, our feed producers, and the stores that sold to them.

Against the Grain

We made it our purpose to go against the grain (no pun intended), to recruit and hire the best design engineers in the business, to build a team of salesmen and service techs, and to manufacture our machines right here on US soil. We grew into a company that made so much more than machines. We made connections. We built relationships. We built trust. 

What we’ve noticed in our industry as we meet more and more competitors and their customers on the ground every day, is that people have come to expect superior machinery and technology. People are willing to pay for quality, 

At the same time, the expectation that you will be treated like a friend, like a member of the family, like someone whose business matters, seems to have fallen by the wayside. 

To be fair, there are a few holdouts. You can’t walk into any Starbucks or Costco across this country and not be greeted warmly and helped extensively. Our small businesses, of course, the backbone of our country, are also always well above average in customer service, relying heavily on relationships to thrive in their fields and industries. 

The Bigger They Are, the Meaner They Are?

But quite often, it seems the bigger a business gets, the less it concerns itself with customer service. 

RMS considers this failure to serve to be a misguided one and perhaps even, to be fair, a simple oversight. As such, we want to encourage all of our friends and family to raise the bar. Expect excellent service. Demand to be treated fairly, warmly, and like you matter, by every single business you frequent. Your hard earned dollars are valuable, and every single one you spend tells a business how you feel about them. 

When we say RMS is more than just machines, this is what we are talking about. We are in the business of customer service. The business of listening. The business of changing for the better. For you. We want you to know that you are important to us, and we want you to know that you should be important to any other business out there collecting your dollars. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We may be in a digital age, but we are also very quickly entering the service age. When anyone can compete on the manufacturing level, and anyone can cut or raise prices, what it really comes down to, in the end, is your satisfaction. 

And you deserve to be satisfied, every time. 

From RMS to you and your family, we wish for your customer satisfaction everywhere you go. We’re about much more than machines.


Adapt or die. It’s an age old adage that has stemmed from Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Quite often the meaning of his work is obscured or misquoted. The full impact of his years of study on survival of the fittest is best summed up by this quote: “It is not the strongest who survive, or even the smartest. It is the most adaptable to change.” Brilliant. At RMS Roller Grinder, whether in our agriculture feed machines or in our brewing and distilling, or well beyond both industries, we are constantly seeking ways to adapt. We keep our ear to the ground, our finger on the pulse, and we pay attention. We provide a superior product for superior leadership, year after year, so that our clients can stay on the cutting edge of their markets. We strive to be the best not for record profits and accountability to shareholders. No. We strive to be the best so that you can be the best. If all companies took this approach, what a different world, specifically a different business world, we would be. It is our hope at RMS that we, and those who work with us, can lead by example. We can all still make money and make a great life by acting in service to others. 

Far too many companies have found their ideas, their services, and their products outdated, stale, and eventually dead on the market because they failed, and/or refused, to adapt. 

Take, for just one example, dictionaries and encyclopedias. 

Once upon a time everyone owned a dictionary. Just a couple of decades ago a person would go door to door selling sets of encyclopedias. I might be dating myself here, but when I was a kid, most of my school projects relied heavily on those encyclopedias, whether I was doing an essay on an African country or making a map of my state. Those encyclopedias were everything to me. Then came the internet. Most of our kids today have no idea what an actual physical encyclopedia or dictionary looks like. They just “Google it.” 

So what happened to those companies that made encyclopedias and dictionaries? What happened to Oxford and Britannica, among others? Well, they either adapted, or they died. Oxford and Britannica both hedged their bets pretty early on and created databases that could compete with sites like Wikipedia. You can now look up any word, its meaning, pronunciation, and etymology, on the online Oxford Dictionary, same with the Encyclopedia Britannica’s extensive platform on the internet. We find them invaluable and often much more reliable than Wikipedia, which can be contributed to by anyone. 

They adapted. Other companies refused to adapt, or failed to adapt in time, and they went the way of most companies in a competitive market. They died. 

RMS remains competitive not only because we adapt but also because we place enormous emphasis on adaptive culture both within our company and among our partners in business, from our local farmers to our national brewers. We are constantly brainstorming new ways to meet our customers’ needs, and we do that largely through listening. Through hitting the ground, shaking hands, meeting with our customers, even sharing ideas with our competitors. Because when we win, everyone wins. If we have learned anything in business it is that change and progress are inevitable, so we must be prepared to adapt to that change. 

Our ability to adapt has allowed us to bring you, time and again, superior products for your superior leadership. Whether it’s a quad pair roller mill with AccuGap technology or auto-cleaning magnets that remove foreign materials, we work to constantly improve so you can provide your own customers with a superior product for their superior leadership, and so on and so on. 

Interested in learning more about our products and services? 

Contact us today to schedule a discovery session. 


At RMS Roller Grinder, one of our most treasured and staunchly adhered to values is that of ownership. Call us old school American. We believe that there is deep integrity and intense worth in hard work, in bringing a kind of service oriented spirit to whatever work you do. It is the true definition of ownership. We believe, in short, that ownership is leadership. Why? Because the best and truest form of leadership is leadership by example. Modeling. Sure, there will always be those in the world who are not seeking advancement, who are not interested in climbing the corporate ladder or even in taking on increased responsibility. But that does not mean those people are not still invested in putting in a hard day’s work and feeling good about meeting the work day with everything they’ve got. 

This is, to us, the real American spirit, and it is a spirit we encourage and reward. 

Sure, naysayers abound who have experienced the corporate system that talks about ownership when what it really refers to is hustle culture. Basically, the company wants its employees to “own” the work they do by working hard for the company, but that same company does not recognize or reward the hard work, much less empower the leaders and “owners.” Over time this kind of one sided top down hierarchy leads to embittered employees who will work double time just to see the company fail. We’ve all seen those kinds of companies, most of us have worked for them, and we all accept the inevitable fall of those perceived titans. 

RMS has worked hard for more than a decade to insure against that kind of cold, hard hearted approach to business. We recruit people interested in the business of people, we train from a service led perspective, and we promote from within. We also make it a priority to build relationships with our customers, to adapt our company to the changes within the market, and we place customer service and client satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. An approach we know can only be perfected with supremely contented employees. 

In short, every single person we work with, from our latest hire to our most seasoned employee, from our lowest paid staff member to our CEO and Executive Managers, is an owner at RMS, and we work with companies both large and small that place that same emphasis on ownership. Own the work you do, take responsibility for the product you create and sell, and be accountable for the result of your labor. Whether you are seeking advancement or just a steady paycheck and appreciation, ownership is leadership, and it is a quality we are proud to say runs strong through the RMS family. 

How are you taking ownership of your work today? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Relationships: Building More than Machines

It simply cannot be said that we are not proud of our design engineers and the work they have done to conceive of and create the most innovative and highly functioning roller grinder equipment in the market. Built in the United States by hard working Americans, our machines make us swell with pride each time we sell one, install one, and maintain one. What makes us even more proud to be in business though is the people involved in those machines. Our design engineers are hand picked by our team to implement ideas and bring them to life. They are at the forefront of equipment design and keep themselves abreast of where to make improvements as technology advances. And we trust them to do their best work because of the relationships we have built with them. Much like the relationships we build with you, our clients. 

The relationships matter just as much to us as the machines. Indeed, the machines are a product of those relationships, they fuel those relationships, and those relationships then allow us to make even better machines. 

With each relationship we build, we become a stronger company, and our clients can build stronger companies, with superior products, alongside us. We are building so much more than machines. 

Because we are hyper aware of the importance of our relationships both internally and externally, we have a system in place to support their growth. We not only build machines that will last, but we also offer installation, service, and maintenance to support those machines. We have gotten just as much feedback from our clients about our service as we have about the impressive durability and function of our equipment. 

As we see it at RMS Roller Grinder, one cannot exist without the other. You cannot simply make a product or offer a service and send it out into the world. You must always be thinking of the person you are supplying or serving. We don’t just want your repeat business. We also want the word of mouth. And we work hard to get it. 

From the Greenest Employee to the Person in Charge, We See You

RMS Roller Grinder is a business based on relationships, and at the heart of those relationships are people. Not products and services. People. From the greenest, newest, lowest paid employees, to the person in charge, we are all people, and we see every single one of you. We honor you and the work you do. This perspective is one we take within our own company, and one we take with each company we work with. Because, again, companies are made up of, you guessed it, people. Our companies, products, and services would be entirely worthless if they were not fueled by people. 


At RMS, we understand that people rise to the expectations we have of them. People behave the way you treat them, and not vice versa. You have to respect someone from the very beginning, on a human level, and then you can expect them to behave respectably. In our years in business, working with the smallest companies to the largest, recruiting, hiring, and training engineers and janitorial personnel, this adage holds true. Treat people the way you want them to behave. 

It is what sets us apart, we believe, in our industry, and really across industries. Perhaps it is because we work with the salt of the earth – farmers and factory owners, ranchers and industrial workers – the ones who form the backbone of our country, that we are humbled by each and every hardworking person out there. Whether you’re in a suit and tie or your coveralls are stained with soil and dust, we see you, and we honor you. 

The greatest value any employee can have to a company is in taking ownership of their job. Sweeping floors or commanding attention in a boardroom, you own the work, you treat the work like it matters, and you play your part in a much larger picture of serving your organization and by extension society. 

Pay It Forward

Because we run RMS in this way, valuing each employee and client equally, as owners in our success, we know that each person we touch then pays that value forward. Now, after decades in the roller grinder business, we have built a solid community of interconnectedness, from our engineers to our techs, and out to the farmers, we are confident our people are serving our clients with integrity and compassion, and that our clients are treating their own clients in the same way. 

It is not often that business can draw a clear outline of how they make a difference in the world. Anyone can argue that this or that product or service is or is not essential to the world. We obviously believe our top quality roller grinder equipment and our expert level service are essential to our little corner of the market, but in the end, it is the people we employ and help each day that make the difference. And that, more than anything, matters to us.