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Adapt or die. It’s an age old adage that has stemmed from Charles Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Quite often the meaning of his work is obscured or misquoted. The full impact of his years of study on survival of the fittest is best summed up by this quote: “It is not the strongest who survive, or even the smartest. It is the most adaptable to change.” Brilliant. At RMS Roller Grinder, whether in our agriculture feed machines or in our brewing and distilling, or well beyond both industries, we are constantly seeking ways to adapt. We keep our ear to the ground, our finger on the pulse, and we pay attention. We provide a superior product for superior leadership, year after year, so that our clients can stay on the cutting edge of their markets. We strive to be the best not for record profits and accountability to shareholders. No. We strive to be the best so that you can be the best. If all companies took this approach, what a different world, specifically a different business world, we would be. It is our hope at RMS that we, and those who work with us, can lead by example. We can all still make money and make a great life by acting in service to others. 

Far too many companies have found their ideas, their services, and their products outdated, stale, and eventually dead on the market because they failed, and/or refused, to adapt. 

Take, for just one example, dictionaries and encyclopedias. 

Once upon a time everyone owned a dictionary. Just a couple of decades ago a person would go door to door selling sets of encyclopedias. I might be dating myself here, but when I was a kid, most of my school projects relied heavily on those encyclopedias, whether I was doing an essay on an African country or making a map of my state. Those encyclopedias were everything to me. Then came the internet. Most of our kids today have no idea what an actual physical encyclopedia or dictionary looks like. They just “Google it.” 

So what happened to those companies that made encyclopedias and dictionaries? What happened to Oxford and Britannica, among others? Well, they either adapted, or they died. Oxford and Britannica both hedged their bets pretty early on and created databases that could compete with sites like Wikipedia. You can now look up any word, its meaning, pronunciation, and etymology, on the online Oxford Dictionary, same with the Encyclopedia Britannica’s extensive platform on the internet. We find them invaluable and often much more reliable than Wikipedia, which can be contributed to by anyone. 

They adapted. Other companies refused to adapt, or failed to adapt in time, and they went the way of most companies in a competitive market. They died. 

RMS remains competitive not only because we adapt but also because we place enormous emphasis on adaptive culture both within our company and among our partners in business, from our local farmers to our national brewers. We are constantly brainstorming new ways to meet our customers’ needs, and we do that largely through listening. Through hitting the ground, shaking hands, meeting with our customers, even sharing ideas with our competitors. Because when we win, everyone wins. If we have learned anything in business it is that change and progress are inevitable, so we must be prepared to adapt to that change. 

Our ability to adapt has allowed us to bring you, time and again, superior products for your superior leadership. Whether it’s a quad pair roller mill with AccuGap technology or auto-cleaning magnets that remove foreign materials, we work to constantly improve so you can provide your own customers with a superior product for their superior leadership, and so on and so on. 

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At RMS Roller Grinder, one of our most treasured and staunchly adhered to values is that of ownership. Call us old school American. We believe that there is deep integrity and intense worth in hard work, in bringing a kind of service oriented spirit to whatever work you do. It is the true definition of ownership. We believe, in short, that ownership is leadership. Why? Because the best and truest form of leadership is leadership by example. Modeling. Sure, there will always be those in the world who are not seeking advancement, who are not interested in climbing the corporate ladder or even in taking on increased responsibility. But that does not mean those people are not still invested in putting in a hard day’s work and feeling good about meeting the work day with everything they’ve got. 

This is, to us, the real American spirit, and it is a spirit we encourage and reward. 

Sure, naysayers abound who have experienced the corporate system that talks about ownership when what it really refers to is hustle culture. Basically, the company wants its employees to “own” the work they do by working hard for the company, but that same company does not recognize or reward the hard work, much less empower the leaders and “owners.” Over time this kind of one sided top down hierarchy leads to embittered employees who will work double time just to see the company fail. We’ve all seen those kinds of companies, most of us have worked for them, and we all accept the inevitable fall of those perceived titans. 

RMS has worked hard for more than a decade to insure against that kind of cold, hard hearted approach to business. We recruit people interested in the business of people, we train from a service led perspective, and we promote from within. We also make it a priority to build relationships with our customers, to adapt our company to the changes within the market, and we place customer service and client satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. An approach we know can only be perfected with supremely contented employees. 

In short, every single person we work with, from our latest hire to our most seasoned employee, from our lowest paid staff member to our CEO and Executive Managers, is an owner at RMS, and we work with companies both large and small that place that same emphasis on ownership. Own the work you do, take responsibility for the product you create and sell, and be accountable for the result of your labor. Whether you are seeking advancement or just a steady paycheck and appreciation, ownership is leadership, and it is a quality we are proud to say runs strong through the RMS family. 

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Relationships: Building More than Machines

It simply cannot be said that we are not proud of our design engineers and the work they have done to conceive of and create the most innovative and highly functioning roller grinder equipment in the market. Built in the United States by hard working Americans, our machines make us swell with pride each time we sell one, install one, and maintain one. What makes us even more proud to be in business though is the people involved in those machines. Our design engineers are hand picked by our team to implement ideas and bring them to life. They are at the forefront of equipment design and keep themselves abreast of where to make improvements as technology advances. And we trust them to do their best work because of the relationships we have built with them. Much like the relationships we build with you, our clients. 

The relationships matter just as much to us as the machines. Indeed, the machines are a product of those relationships, they fuel those relationships, and those relationships then allow us to make even better machines. 

With each relationship we build, we become a stronger company, and our clients can build stronger companies, with superior products, alongside us. We are building so much more than machines. 

Because we are hyper aware of the importance of our relationships both internally and externally, we have a system in place to support their growth. We not only build machines that will last, but we also offer installation, service, and maintenance to support those machines. We have gotten just as much feedback from our clients about our service as we have about the impressive durability and function of our equipment. 

As we see it at RMS Roller Grinder, one cannot exist without the other. You cannot simply make a product or offer a service and send it out into the world. You must always be thinking of the person you are supplying or serving. We don’t just want your repeat business. We also want the word of mouth. And we work hard to get it. 

From the Greenest Employee to the Person in Charge, We See You

RMS Roller Grinder is a business based on relationships, and at the heart of those relationships are people. Not products and services. People. From the greenest, newest, lowest paid employees, to the person in charge, we are all people, and we see every single one of you. We honor you and the work you do. This perspective is one we take within our own company, and one we take with each company we work with. Because, again, companies are made up of, you guessed it, people. Our companies, products, and services would be entirely worthless if they were not fueled by people. 


At RMS, we understand that people rise to the expectations we have of them. People behave the way you treat them, and not vice versa. You have to respect someone from the very beginning, on a human level, and then you can expect them to behave respectably. In our years in business, working with the smallest companies to the largest, recruiting, hiring, and training engineers and janitorial personnel, this adage holds true. Treat people the way you want them to behave. 

It is what sets us apart, we believe, in our industry, and really across industries. Perhaps it is because we work with the salt of the earth – farmers and factory owners, ranchers and industrial workers – the ones who form the backbone of our country, that we are humbled by each and every hardworking person out there. Whether you’re in a suit and tie or your coveralls are stained with soil and dust, we see you, and we honor you. 

The greatest value any employee can have to a company is in taking ownership of their job. Sweeping floors or commanding attention in a boardroom, you own the work, you treat the work like it matters, and you play your part in a much larger picture of serving your organization and by extension society. 

Pay It Forward

Because we run RMS in this way, valuing each employee and client equally, as owners in our success, we know that each person we touch then pays that value forward. Now, after decades in the roller grinder business, we have built a solid community of interconnectedness, from our engineers to our techs, and out to the farmers, we are confident our people are serving our clients with integrity and compassion, and that our clients are treating their own clients in the same way. 

It is not often that business can draw a clear outline of how they make a difference in the world. Anyone can argue that this or that product or service is or is not essential to the world. We obviously believe our top quality roller grinder equipment and our expert level service are essential to our little corner of the market, but in the end, it is the people we employ and help each day that make the difference. And that, more than anything, matters to us. 

Cost Up Front Versus Cost Over Time

When it comes to any type of machinery or equipment that has moving parts, be it a car, a refrigerator, a tractor, even a television, you’re going to incur costs. The question, especially if we’re talking about equipment that helps you run your business, is not one of if you will pay. Rather, the question is when you will pay. At RMS Roller Grinder, we refer to this as cost up front versus cost over time. You’ll pay to ensure you have top quality equipment that is simple and easy to maintain, or you’ll pay for lower quality equipment and end up having to spend the money out over time, each time the equipment breaks down. 

Now, obviously, many more factors come into play when discussing machinery for your business. Particularly in the food product business, you want machinery that gets you the perfect grind, that eliminates debris and foreign objects, that you can set up once and walk away from, trusting your product will be perfect when you return. At RMS we provide the equipment that meets all of those needs and more. But, beyond all of the fine details of industry specific machinery for rolling and grinding your grains, your coffee, your pet food, or for your brewing and your distilling of a variety of products, you just want a machine you can rely on.

That’s where cost up front comes in to play, because the truth of the matter is, you are going to pay in the end, one way or another. At RMS, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with expertly designed and built equipment that will not break down on you. We are so sure of our engineering that we offer regular maintenance and servicing visits for a small fee to all of our clients, just to keep everything like the day you bought it. It is not the lowest priced equipment on the market, and we’re here to tell you that’s a good thing. Our machines are designed and built by Americans in America, the traditional, durable, American way, and that level of quality comes with a price our clients are happy to pay. The lowest priced equipment on the market is cheap for a reason. It will not only break down on you, leaving you with costly repairs to make, but it will break down when you least expect, in the middle of production, taking even more of your hard earned money by way of time and labor. 

So, in the end, it comes down to when you want to spend the money, up front for top quality or over the years on breakdown after frustrating breakdown. Our money, and our reputation, is on cost up front. We back our machines, so our machines can back you. 

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Why Maintenance Matters

Set it and forget it seems to be the name of the game these days. Once you buy a product, usually beyond 30 days, maybe a year if you’re lucky, it’s yours to deal with. Many companies don’t even offer warranties on their machines. Those that do seem to try to avoid honoring them. It wasn’t always this way. There are still those of us who remember when American made meant something. When a person could expect to buy something designed and built in this country to last and last. RMS Roller Grinder is reclaiming those days, that spirit. We believe in the quality and durability of our product. In fact, we believe in it so strongly that we also promote regular maintenance through our service technicians. 

You see, just like a car, a house, or even the human body, for that matter, heavy machinery needs regular maintenance so it doesn’t need constant and costly repair. You would never go years without an oil change on your car. You know you need regular checkups, blood tests, and more with your doctor. You know that you need to maintain anything that you expect to run and last. The same thing can, and must, be said for your roller grinder equipment. The truth is, if you maintain well made equipment on a regular schedule, it can run practically forever, saving you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs and replacements over the years. It will also save you the time and energy of having to buy new equipment or deal with a machine out of service when it breaks down. At RMS, we value your time and energy, and we want you to be able to keep it focused on running your business, not running out to find a repairman. 

RMS recruits, hires, and trains the best service technicians in heavy machinery precisely so we can offer regular, routine maintenance on any machinery you buy from us, new or used. In fact, we are so proud of our equipment and our service techs that we do offer used equipment, because you cannot go wrong with machines built to last and well cared for over their lifetime. And that, friend, is why maintenance matters. When your machine is at its peak performance, you get the best food product to offer your clients. And when your clients are happy, you’re happy. And when you’re happy, we’ve done our job. 

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Roller Grinder Engineering for Dummies: Why You Should Care

Earlier this month, we talked a little bit about innovation and what it means to RMS Roller Grinder. Part of that discussion included our recruitment and employment of top of the game mechanical engineers. Now, we want to take a moment to explain why engineering is so important to the industry of heavy machinery and equipment, and to roller grinder machinery specifically. 

First, it is important to know that our roller grinder machines meet the needs of all sizes and shapes of grind for food products. We have also in the past few years been delighted to branch out to offer distilling equipment and brewing equipment for our partners in high quality beer and other distilled products. What began as a roller grinder company primarily for agricultural feed has grown by leaps and bounds, and a large part of that growth can be attributed directly to our mechanical engineers and their ingenuity. 

While we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industries we serve, and our willingness, our eagerness in fact, to listen to what our customers need, it is our mechanical engineers who have the ability to turn that pulse, those need, into actual equipment. 

And this is why engineering matters to you and your business.

Our engineers have designed roller mills that provide the same size grind, to your specification, every single time, for a uniform product. They have conceived of and constructed machinery that uses fewer moving parts, making breakdown less likely and less costly to repair. And they have produced brewing mills that have increased efficiency for our brewing clients by over 10%. Now that’s innovation. 

Because we care so much about your products, the products that are a direct result of cutting edge technology, we wanted to give you insight into how that technology comes about. Because we listen to you, and because we hire and empower only the best mechanical engineers in the field. 

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Innovation and What It Means in the Roller Grinder Business

RMS Roller Grinder has spent the last decade focusing on innovation and evolution at every level of our business. We have actively recruited, hired, and supported the best and brightest mechanical engineers. We’ve welcomed and trained top notch client sales and service representatives, and we are on a constant lookout for how we can serve the various industries within which we work better. These are just a few of the ways we focus on business innovation as a roller grinder company.

To RMS, innovation means not only building strong relationships with our partners in business but maintaining lasting relationships. Innovation means exceeding the expectations of everyone we work with, from our employees to our clients. Innovation means remaining open and adapting to the market forces at work, always ready to try new things and abandon what no longer works. It is precisely this approach to innovation and evolution that has allowed us to enter new markets and new industries and to grow alongside our partners for all of our mutual success. 

What began as a simple bricks and mortar roller grinder business over a decade ago, has flourished into a thriving company filled with exciting progress that layers over a strong foundation. At RMS we have learned in the time since our earliest days that the most accomplished businesses are those that understand their own inherent strengths and qualities and then use them to meet a need – a demand if you will – in the market. With a service led mission in mind, we have charged forward and broken the mold for what is expected of Roller Grinder and other heavy machinery equipment companies. 

Once upon a time, long ago, American made equipment was built to last and backed by the integrity of the builder.

But somehow we lost our way, as much of the world did, and American businesses, by necessity, turned to cheap, off-shore products made to break down and be replaced. The question is, who has the money and the time for that in such a rapid paced world? No one, that’s who, especially not our farmers and small business owners. And yet it became the way of the world, the lay of land, how things were done. You bought cheap products because you could not afford the lasting stuff, and the companies that made the lasting stuff could no longer afford to stay in business because the cheap stuff forced them out of the market. 

Well, RMS says “no more.” Working hard to innovate through honoring the past and its well made American built products, and looking to the future, we meet the demands of our clients through relationships and equipment maintenance. Through this approach, remaining connected to both what was great about the past and what is exciting about the future, we have been able to produce top quality equipment that rivals anything in the market as well as bring on employees who take ownership of their part in this company, both of which have allowed us to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Innovation is at the top of our list of priorities at RMS, and it is because innovation makes us the best company for roller grinder needs. 

What does innovation mean to you? 

Reach out and let us know your thoughts on the changes and progress in the roller grinder business. We would love to hear from you.