A single pair mill is designed to crack malt. Most breweries request a single pair mill since they are not typically grinding their grain and wish to keep most of the hull intact for the mash. A double pair mill gives the brewer or distiller the option to crack and grind, or crack to a larger degree. We often ask for samples for distilling to make sure we suggest the right mill for their target end product. The more sets of rolls in the mill, the more grinding options available for smaller particle sizes.

Our mills are American made and built entirely at our facility in Harrisburg, SD. We have a dedicated team of people that work on each order throughout the process from start to finish. We also install mills, service mills, and sharpen the rolls for both brew and agriculture style mills.

  • RMS mills are built solid, some say overbuilt. We don’t skimp on materials or quality. We strive to provide an end product that will withstand many years of use. We are continually working with our customers and engineers to improve our products.
  • Our mills are famous for our consistency of grind. You will see less “fines” in your final product which can equate to higher extraction rates and higher profits.
  • Our mills are completely internally dust tight. That means you will have less dust in your mill room to contend with.
  • We offer different types of motors for different types of environments. TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors are generally suggested on mills with an outdoor application. XP (Explosion Proof) motors are suggested for indoor use. XP motors are designed to prevent an explosion that might be dust related.
  • RMS has multiple attachments for our mills to accommodate your in feed and discharge needs. We can include a 45 degree auger attachment boot, chain disk attachment, or a horizontal discharge attachment for conveyance. All of these options include an appropriately sized stand to allow for proper clearance.

Yes, we can and do work very closely with multiple manufacturers to make your life simpler. We can provide drawings, measurements, and design alterations to accommodate your set up. We are happy to reach out to your folks, or provide suggestions on vendors.