Are you looking for professional grain handling equipment, grist mills, or services to transform your brewing process?

RMS Roller-Grinder provides the milling equipment brewers need to successfully control and optimize their brewing processes.

All our equipment is made in the USA from premium parts and designed to last. We have milling options designed specifically for large and small breweries that need multiple crush sizes from their machines.

Our beer brewing equipment is designed to:

  • Produce a higher mash efficiency
  • Be fully adjustable to ensure a uniform crush
  • Minimize dust for lower maintenance with a dust-tight design
  • Operate quietly in a small footprint

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Image of standard/general silo.

Bulk Storage Solutions

RMS offers a comprehensive range of bulk storage solutions, from bulk bag racks and silos to grist cases. Our bulk storage solutions are not just about holding grain – they’re about preserving its quality, ensuring easy access, and optimizing your brewery’s space.

Image of conveyance system.

Conveyance Systems

Our diverse range of customizable conveyance solutions includes flex augers, chain disc systems, vertical augers, and cable disc systems designed to fit any brewery layout.


An RMS mill


Experience superior grind consistency and quality with RMS grist mills crafted with premium components. Browse our 2-roll and 4-roll mills to find the exact mill that meets your needs.


Worker taking notes on controls and systems.

Grain Handling Controls

From entry-level to advanced systems, RMS offers intuitive grain handling controls that make your brewing process smarter and more manageable. Our control systems are user-friendly, with features that allow for remote monitoring and automation.

A front view of an RMS weighing system

Precision Weighing

RMS provides a variety of weighing solutions, including flow scales, load cells, and dump scales. Accuracy in weighing is crucial for recipe consistency, and our scales are calibrated to offer you the highest level of precision.



Specialty Equipment

Want to move beyond the traditional brewing equipment? Explore our specialty equipment, such as flake hoppers, custom hoppers, and unique augers, all designed to make your brewing a breeze.


It takes a good mill to make good whiskey! So glad to have you all as partners.

Kentucky Peerless Distillery

Thank you for all the help with the project. Mill is phenomenal, grind is excellent and has already shaved off 1.78 hours of milling time.

Six Mile Creek Distillery

We’ve had nothing but great success with RMS Roller Grinders.

East Coast Brewery Design Contractor