by Blake Sandnes

Small businesses have big goals, and at RMS Brewing Solutions, we love that. You see, we were once a small business, too. We began as a mere idea. A thought that we could make a superior product, drawing on brilliant American talent and skill, and provide both a product and a service to the American, and even global, public. We began with a dream, and we have grown to a national company that has equipment across the states. Now, we are thrilled to be able to support our small business partners in brewing and in distilling to build on their dreams as well. Small businesses do indeed have big goals, and we are firm believers that goals are accomplished through partnership and empowerment. 

To Grow or Not to Grow

One thing we have come to see in the brewing and distilling side of our business, is that not all of our partners have a strong urge to grow. Of course, some do, and their brews and spirits have reached national audiences. But others are concerned that their products will become diluted or reshaped, lost, in some way. This concern is a valid one. Especially with food and drink, there must always be a mindfulness factor when it comes to broad scale distribution. When you grow and begin to distribute your products beyond your regional reach, danger lies in losing quality in favor of quantity. If your product is being brewed, fermented, or distilled far from its original plant, you may worry the same process is not being followed to the letter. 

It happens. Remember when Breyer’s Ice Cream suddenly changed their recipe to improve their mass distribution? Suddenly their ingredients no longer read “Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs.” Now the list is a mile long, and the “ice cream” does not even melt! Or perhaps you’ve heard of Subway Sandwiches’ latest controversy over their tuna not having any actual tuna in it? These things happen when you franchise out, when you expand, and when you grow. 

Manageable Growth

Of course, there are brilliant companies that manage to get it right, to grow at a pace that feels manageable to them, and they maintain the quality of their product. 

Have you ever heard of In N Out Burger? By now, you must have. Well, that little burger shop was a single store in Southern California once upon a time. The original mission was to never open a store beyond a day’s drive from the original location, to ensure the same level of freshness across the franchise, and to maintain its luster. They have since expanded out to Colorado, and we may even see them eventually here in South Dakota, or maybe not. The point is, the focus, for them, is on quality. 

We’re Here for Small Businesses and Their Big Goals

At RMS, we support both our brewing and our distilling small businesses in their big goals, whether those goals be to improve upon their existing products, to maintain quality control, or to expand their customer base and reach. Or all three! The point is, we understand that small businesses have big goals, and that those goals are not always the same, and they don’t always stay the same. Today, you may simply want to improve the quality of your brew. Tomorrow, New York! Whatever your goals are, RMS Brewing Solutions is your partner in reaching your goals, today, tomorrow, and into the future. 

Ready to talk brewing or distilling equipment? Check out our website and give us a call today to set up a discovery session. 

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