by Blake Sandnes

Who would have thought, back in 2019 (feels so long ago, doesn’t it?) that we would be rethinking entirely the way to do business in 2021. And yet, here we are. We must take different approaches, we must restructure our offices, we must reevaluate our priorities, and we must check in with our clients on their needs again and again as changes continue to unfold in this new and surreal world we are stepping into. The wonderful thing about these changes, is that, because they are truly unprecedented, we get to decide what the new normal will look like in many ways. We get to decide to be the masters of our own destiny on so many levels, both personally and professionally. We get to rethink business in 2021 and going forward, and what a gift that is. 

Small Businesses Unite!

There was great fear that many of America’s small businesses would close permanently due to lockdowns and mandates across the country. Some projections even pointed at a figure close to 60% of businesses closing. The reality was closer to 8.5%, according to recently released data. Why? A fair argument can be made that it is because of the heart and spirit of the American people.

Small businesses found ways to innovate, offering pop up restaurants, delivery services, curbside pickups, and more. Bars added food offerings to stay in business and restaurants and breweries added outside sections. Sidewalks quickly filled up with outdoor seating for a variety of businesses, and we, the American people and our beloved small businesses, not only stayed alive. We thrived. We have come together in a way you don’t often hear about on the news so seemingly committed to drumming up fear and stress. RMS Brewing Solutions is on the ground, out at festivals, and visiting our clients to see firsthand that there is far more love in the real, everyday world than the hate you might find on the internet or TV news. 

Love Is All You Need

So, maybe the Beatles, those boys from across the pond, had it right all along. Maybe love is all you need. RMS is proud to partner with businesses from a variety of industries that have found innovative ways to keep their employees on the payroll, to meet their clients’ demands, and to stay alive and well and moving forward in the middle of a pandemic, a regime change, and an economic downturn. And it has not been just for profits. It has been, in our measured opinion, for a love of what we do. Those of us passionate about our work and about the clients we serve, with love in our hearts, will always find a way to keep moving forward. 

Rethinking Business in 2021: It’s About People

It has always been about people. Always. And the best businesses know that. You’ll hear about businesses that can’t manage to keep staff on hand, but the truth is, a lot of those businesses would have found themselves failing in the end anyway. The businesses who pay their employees a fair wage, treat their staff with kindness and compassion, and create an atmosphere of family and fairness, will never hurt for workers, for more members of the family. We belong to each other, we Americans, we global citizens. And as we head into the end of 2021 and begin to plan for 2022 and what the next year might hold, we would do well to remember that at the heart and soul of every single thing we do in life rest people. The only thing that really matters. 

RMS Brewing Solutions is proud to support our local businesses across industries, and we are excited about what is coming for the rest of 2021. If you are interested in brewing and/or distilling equipment, contact us today for a discovery session. We would love to support your business. 

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