by Blake Sandnes

What began as meeting an industry need, roller grinder machines for agricultural feed, has blossomed into an astounding amount of work with new industries, to the point that we have created an entirely new line and branch of our company. RMS Brewing Solutions was born from our focus on people and innovation. Because we keep our ear to the ground, and because we pay attention to the market needs, we heard the murmurs very early on that small brewers and small distillers were seeking top quality equipment for their mashes and malts. We jumped at the chance to serve these small and medium sized local businesses, to see them grow just as we did, with a passion and a purpose. 

Brewing and distilling are two industries we have enjoyed working with outside of agricultural feed, and we wanted to take a moment to break down for our partners in these industries exactly what you can expect from RMS Brewing Solutions. Of course, you can always expect even more, because we make it our mission to always exceed your expectations. 

Custom Built Equipment

Because one of the brilliant aspects of small batch brewers and small batch distillers is that you have a craft all your own, we build the roller grinder equipment, and other essential equipment, to your specific craft. Our “grindologists” sit with our clients and listen to your process, what yield you are looking for, what particle size you aim for, what kind of motor choices you prefer, and more. From there, we design and build the roller grinder, the bulk bag system, and the auger of your dreams. You get a 12 month warranty to guarantee your satisfaction. 

Here to Serve

But we do not stop there, of course. Remember what we said about exceeding expectations. While other machinery companies might shake your hand and walk away after the sale, or at the very least after the warranty expires, but not us. RMS Brewing Solutions is with you for the long haul. We provide on site inspection, service, and training for all of our equipment, for life. Our most important priority at RMS is you, the client, and everything we do, from design to service is aimed at keeping you far beyond satisfied. 

Innovation Is Key

Another way in which we work with our partners in brewing and in distilling is by staying innovative. We want to hear from you – what works, what doesn’t. We want to know how we can better serve you. And we are always updating our approaches to design and build the equipment right for your craft. 

Keeping our ear to the ground, staying innovative, and remaining open to the market needs, are ways we found our home in brewing and distilling, and in those same ways we continue to broaden our reach to other clients across industries to serve them as well. We have designed and built machines for everyone from candy makers to ice vendors. If you need it crushed, rolled, and grinded, we are here to help. Working across industries has breathed new life into RMS, and we are thrilled to be of service. 

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