by Blake Sandnes

As we enter the age of artificial intelligence, we have come to a point in society where we begin to wonder if we even need people. Do we need people to serve food and drinks if they can just order from a machine, or on their phones, and pick it up from a shelf or on a counter? Do we need small craft brewers, local whiskey distillers, to conceive of new and innovative flavors and textures when a machine can detect levels of hop and distillation, fermentation and alcohol content? At RMS, we would argue, quite loudly and proudly, that yes, we do. That while we thrill at technology and equipment innovation, we only thrill at machines so much because of the people behind them and the people served by them. Business growth happens precisely because people matter so much. 

It was an exciting time when RMS decided to get into designing and producing equipment that could brew and that could distill. We were so eager to take part in this growing industry of craftsmen, small business owners, and local breweries. This market is at the forefront of our social connections, and it is your stories and your brands that matter as much to people as the flavor of your beer, cider, and whiskey. Those stories come from you, your history, your passion, and your commitment to your business growth. 

We want to be part of those stories because we believe you matter. We provide the tools and equipment as well as the service, so you can keep your story alive and lasting. Think of Budweiser. Think of Cuervo Tequila. Most people don’t drink the products of these powerhouse companies because of the taste or the flavor, or at least not only for that. They drink Budweiser or Cuervo because they identify with the brand. They feel like they are part of the story. “I’m a Bud guy.” They’ll say proudly. 

RMS provides the products and the services that will become a part of your story, the story your loyal customers will want to be a part of as well. And that’s what matters. Business growth because of the people in the story. 

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