If you are over the age of 40, you may remember the first IBM computer. Or the first Macintosh. Think back to the Chevy Impala or the Ford Mustang. American made used to mean something, and it meant something powerful. We used to mock toys and tech made in other countries, products that were cheaply made and fell apart quickly. Somewhere along the line, many American companies lost their way. And who can blame them? With the dollar becoming more difficult to stretch thin, more Americans tightened their budgets and became more frugal, looking to the least expensive options to save some money for life’s other necessities. Today, however, we seem to be making our way back to the demand for quality, and RMS is proud to be leading the way on that charge. 

Support Local Businesses

Along with top quality companies like Weber, Airstream, and Wilson, RMS Roller Grinder relies on American materials and American workers to keep our products in house, and by in house, we mean American. In a world obsessed with globalism, any businesses building and innovating here in the US is, after all, a “local business.” And we support local. Local businesses not only make quality products, but we also support the American economy. When we source our materials here in this country and employ American workers, we keep all the money inside our own house, America. American workers can then spend their money in local businesses, keeping this cycle of support alive and well. 

Built to Last

RMS Roller Grinder and RMS Brewing Solutions are honored to be part of the American machine industry and the American workforce. We feel privileged to run a business that employees part of the backbone of our society, American workers, and we pay them well so they can spend their money in other American companies. We conceive of, design, build, and maintain machines of the highest quality, and provide the maintenance and service that keeps them that way. The secret that so many businesses still do not seem to understand is that when you build here in America, your machines, products, and service are not the only things that last. Your business does, too. 

If you are in the market for a new or used roller mill, grist mill, or any other roller grinder machine, contact us today for a discovery session. Put us to work. Our favorite thing to do.