Roll Service  

RMS offers a comprehensive lineup of roll repair services, including roll grinding, shaft repair, shaft replacement and roll balancing. We also have an extensive stock of rolls, bearings, belts and other replacement parts for any brand or size of mill. We are willing to accommodate your schedule, so we do not interrupt your daily operations. Ask about our same day service!

  Roll Sharpening  

When it comes to roll sharpening, RMS is cutting edge. We offer sharpening and replacement of rolls. RMS will do everything we can to save the diameter of your rolls. This will save you money. RMS also supplies the highest quality, dynamically balanced placement rolls. Roll sharpening is done to customer specifications. Our seasoned crew is able to recommend roll corrugations, training, and guidance to meet your operational needs. We also offer a fully equipped test lab with the ability to test your product to ensure you are maintaining your target particle size. RMS offers onsite service, drop off service, same day service and roll exchange services.

*Also, check out our Roll Exchange Program!

  Roll Change  

Our crew can not only sharpen your rolls for you, they can install the newly sharpened rolls as well. Our experienced team can quickly replace the rolls, eliminating your down time. RMS will also check all bearings, shafts, and maintain proper operations after installation.

  Roll Exchange Program  

The RMS Roll Exchange Program allows you to save money on rolls for your mill. RMS supplies the highest quality, dynamically balanced replacement rolls. We will keep rolls on hand for your mill meeting the best standards in the industry. When you are ready for re-corrugated sharp rolls, we will send them in exchange for your dull rolls. This minimizes your downtime. If you choose to have RMS do the roll change, we will supply you with a fair quote and do our best to schedule your service when we are in your area. Although labor, mileage and travel expenses are additional, we are always looking out for your bottom line. The RMS Roll Exchange Program also comes with a 30 day warranty which includes: rolls, roll shafts, and bearings. Warranty begins the day the roll exchange is completed.