1. Low motor amps and reduced capacity. Instead of it taking six hours to process, it may take eight hours.
2. Poor feed quality. The rolls will be doing more crushing than grinding, resulting in excessive powdering.

This is dependent on several factors, including the application, surface area of the rolls, corrugations and whether the mill has been set properly. Please feel free to call us for a consultation.

Time depends on:
1. If it is an emergency, we can be there almost immediately.
2. If it is not an emergency, we try to group you in with a service route for other customers in the same area. This will save you money as you will be splitting the cost of travel expenses. We recommend calling in at least one month ahead of time to get a “grouped in” rate.
3. If you have a specific date in mind and you do not want to wait for group pricing, let us know. We work around your schedule!
Contact a service representative today to find out when we will be in your area: 605.368.9007

The time frame will be dependent on the size, location, and difficulty factor rating for your machine. We work around your schedule whenever possible.

If an appointment is made, and the rolls are in our shop by 7-8 am, we can typically have you on the road again by late afternoon that same day. We stock all replacement parts you may require. Contact a representative today to make an appointment: 605.368.9007

  1. We will provide appropriately sized rolls for you as long as you own your mill. There is no need to have extra rolls lying around costing you money.
  2. It does not matter what size, brand or model of mill you have. We can accommodate your roll needs.
  3. Our experienced service team will come to your facility and change out your rolls. If you prefer to change out your own rolls, we can deliver sharp rolls, and provide any necessary training, if needed.
  4. Our service technicians will work around your production schedule, in crews of two, to minimize your down time. We can work evenings or weekends to meet your needs.
  5. We can group your visit with other customers in the area to help reduce your costs.

Cast iron rolls: 24″ x 72″
Steel rolls : 18″ x 60″  (hardened steel)
All of these rolls have removable shafts for easy shaft replacement. If the above parameters do not meet your needs, RMS is able to do custom work for you. Just ask.

1. Can cause excessive vibration
2. The temperature of the bearing in question is excessively higher than the other bearings on the machine.

1. Possible bearing failure
2. Possible shaft surface failure

With over 25 years experience in the particle size reduction industry, RMS has serviced all brands and sizes of machines. In addition, we are able to make rolls for any size or brand of roller mill or roller grinder.

Check these first:
1. Mill is out of adjustment or out of parallel
2. Dull rolls

3. Improper spring tension
4. Worn roll position parts
5. Ingredient issues. Has the moisture content of your ingredient(s) changed? Possibly over dried, or a hybrid with poor grinding characteristics?

1. The V-block is worn out
2. Dull rolls, which can cause the product to pile up on the rolls.

RMS mills can process just about anything friable. Our mills have been used in following industries:
Animal Feed; Aquaculture; Biochar; Bio-diesel; Biomass; Brewing; Carbon; Coffee; Distilling; Ethanol; Food, Chemical & Mineral Grinding; Pet Food; Recycling; Peat Moss; Custom Applications

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your operation. We have a full test lab equipped to test grind your product to your specifications. We can recommend a machine properly sized and outfitted to meet your needs.