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When rolls are out of parallel, you lose money

When the rolls in your mill aren’t parallel, they wear unevenly and lead to increased maintenance costs and reduced performance. Not to mention an inconsistent grind.
And with an inconsistent grind, the animals you’re feeding develop ulcers and other health problems. Either way, you’re losing money.

Achieve perfection with a single touch of a button

Instead of losing money, get AccuGap – another RMS exclusive that’s redefining the feed industry, Again.

What AccuGap does

AccuGap is an automated process that takes the human error out of paralleling your rolls. One simple press of the START CALIBRATION button sets the wheels of perfection into motion.
Precision sensors detect when rolls are touching and notify the RMS AccuGap control system of the roll position. This information is processed through an algorithm and a signal is sent to adjust the rolls to parallel.


  • Easy-to-operate, requiring less skilled labor and training.
  • Ensures rolls stay in parallel, resulting in even wear and lower maintenance costs
  • Increases grind consistency for better appearance, flowability and overall animal health
  • Gives you ultimate control for greater productivity

Aspects of this product may be covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,919,315 and other patents pending

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