Sometimes you have to replace it. We know – it’s a hard pill to swallow. We are an American company that makes our products here in this great country. We believe in durability and longevity. We believe in the things that last. Like family. Like those real friendships. Like a great song. Like that book you read over and over. Like that epic film. Like great memories. Yes. We believe in making things that last, and in valuing things that last. But sometimes you have to let things go. Part of forward momentum in business is knowing when to throw in the towel on a product or service that does not work. Trust us, we have been in the machine design and construction business for many years, and we hate having to start over, to go back to the drawing board, but sometimes it is what is necessary for the progress we seek, for what is best for our clients. 

Big picture thinking for the future means that, though you may love a machine, be it your car or your roller grinder mill, sometimes you have to say goodbye, even if it has served you well in the past. Quite often, we come across clients still hanging on to those old mills, patching and repairing them on their own, or hoping to get a mechanic out who can wring one more good year out of it.

Let It Go

We at RMS Roller Grinder, home of top quality machines, are here to tell you it may be time to let that old machine go and invest in a new one. And not just because your old one just is not performing at optimum levels, getting you the product you really want to offer your own clients. We also want to remind you that a new machine from RMS means that in addition to a top quality product that comes out predictably perfect every single time, you also get the full service for life that you deserve. 

When you buy a new or used roller grinder mill with RMS, you get our techs, our repairmen, our sales and training team. You get a new family. Perhaps you already know this because you’ve purchased from us before. Maybe you’ve heard about us from a friend. It’s all true. We are here to serve you, and when you buy a machine from us, even as it ages, we have solutions, we have the experts on the job, and we make sure your equipment performs just like it did on day one throughout its life span. 

Big picture thinking in roller grinder machines sometimes means letting go of the old and welcoming the new. If you think you might be ready for that leap, reach out to one of our sales executives today and let’s get you started with a discovery session. American made. Built to last. Exceeding your expectations. Every time. 


It has never been about the machines. What you might not know about RMS Roller Grinder as a company, is that we were founded on the idea of people, not machines. Owner Alex Pearson and Sales Director Blake Sandness have overseen the growth of RMS from a handful of employees making and selling top quality equipment to a company with national reach by focusing on the people. You see, these guys, and each and every one of their employees, from the highest executives to the newest and greenest hire, know that when your primary focus is on people, everything else falls into place in spectacular ways. 

Top Quality Machines

The truth about top quality machines is that pretty much anyone with the drive can make them. RMS has been in the business of roller grinder machines that exceed expectations from day one. The difference between us and our competitors is not that we make better machines than they do, necessarily (though in many cases our equipment is superior for a variety of reasons). The difference, you see, between us and them is that we pour our heart and souls into the design and construction, the sales and the delivery, the maintenance and the servicing, of those machines because of people. By keeping people at the forefront of the company mission, we know we want to hire only service centered employees, including our engineers. 

Indeed, Blake himself was an engineer first at RMS, before stepping into his role as Sales Director. He knew then what he knows now, that the design is driven by client need, by functionality, by durability, and by longevity – all things essential to customer centered design. You can make a top quality machine that does not last, one that must be repaired regularly, even one that is not super user friendly. We all know companies that make high demand technology or machinery that leaves much to be desired. We wanted much more than that for our customers, for our legacy. 


The legacy of RMS will continue to be about people for the duration of our time in business, hopefully for many years to come. One of the key aspects to that legacy, along with top quality machines, is our commitment to innovation. We keep an ear to the ground at all times, so that we are aware of new technology and new discoveries related to the machines we make. 

What this approach to innovation means is that our company functions as a family. We are a family. Our service techs are in constant communication with our design team. Our design team has an open line of communication with our sales team. And so on. At each level of service and sales at RMS, we take ownership of the company’s commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations. If a service tech sees a problem with the equipment, they are sure to pass it on to our design team. If our design engineers are preparing a new design, they will put the word out to our sales team, so our sales team can discuss ideas with our customers. We innovate for our clients, because of our clients, and with our clients. The family oriented culture at RMS ensures it. 

Not Just the Client 

To be clear, while the client is our top priority, people are our only priority. We do not forget that our employees are people, too. We know that happy employees lead to happy clients, in more ways than one, so we focus not just on client satisfaction, but also on employee satisfaction. Our team members matter to us. We listen to our staff and value their input. We hire from within whenever possible, and when we hire from outside the company, we seek feedback on those hiring decisions from our existing staff. We care about our employees because they are the heart and soul of our company, and they put their heart and soul into their work for our clients. Everybody wins. 

In the end, what you might not know about RMS, is that while we have grown, while we have expanded, and while we have innovated beyond our wildest dreams, we have done it all for and because of our people. RMS quite literally stands for exceeding our customer’s expectations through providing exceptional quality in a sustainable way and from a family oriented culture. We love our people. We just thought you should know.